What is Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE? Why is it required? Know Here!

The Birth Certificate is one of the essential non-educational certificates. To legalize the usage of the document, you need to get an Attestation on Birth Certificate. Nevertheless, what is a Birth Certificate Attestation? Many people are confused or not aware of the document Attestation. Don’t worry! Here, we have provided the comprehensive guide for Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE. You can check the complete details on the certificate Attestation to resolve your concerns.

What is a Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE?

Birth Certificate Attestation is an act of witnessing the document by the authorized departments and concerned authorities with their stamps and seals. Through Attestation, you can also prove that the issued Birth Certificate is authentic and valid. As the Birth Certificate is one of the essential personal documents. It can be required in other countries, including UAE, for verification and documentation purposes. Therefore, if you require to use your Indian-originated document in UAE for visas and other purposes, you need to get an Attestation from the respective authorities.

Why Is Birth Certificate Attestation Required?

Birth Certificate Attestation is a legalization process needed to legalize the usage of certificates in the UAE. A Birth Certificate is an essential identification document of a person. It contains various vital information like the name of the individual, date of birth, age, place of birth, gender, and other details. However, for identification, you might need to present the Birth Certificate in foreign countries, including UAE. Hence, to use the certificate internationally, you need to get it legalized through Attestation. Here are some of the reasons why Birth Certificate Attestation is required:

  1. To apply for higher studies
  2. To get an employment visa
  3. Family Visa
  4. To obtain a residence permit

Sneak Peek To The Birth Certificate Attestation Procedure

The Procedure of Birth Certificate involves authentication and legalization from the concerned authorities. However, it is necessary to get Attestation from the designated officials respectively to confirm the authenticity and genuineness of the document. However, the process of Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE is as shown below:

  1. First, the State Home Department authenticates the certificate.
  2. After that, the Ministry of External Affairs attests to the Birth certificate.
  3. Then, documents get UAE Embassy Attestation.
  4. In the last, the documents procure MOFA Attestation to legalize their usage.
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How Many Days Does It Take to Process Family Visa in UAE?

UAE Family Visa Requirements

Applying for Family Visa in United Arab Emirates can be easy and simple if all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. The UAE has taken good care of individual needs and has provided the expats with a number of visas – business, freelancer, dependent or employed.

Each visa has different needs. Below are the requirements for a family visa Dubai.

Many people come to other nations for work and leave their wife and children behind. Male residents who work in the United Arab Emirates receive a minimum salary of AED 4,000 per month and live in a one-bedroom place or more can sponsor members of their family.

Now, depending on the place (mainland of Dubai or free zone) where the sponsor is currently working or status of their visa, the members of the family are issued visas for 2 to 3 years.

Under the regulations of Dubai, the expat employees are issued a residence visa for 2-3 years while on the other hand, the expat’s investors or employers are each given a 3-year residence visa. Thus, the sponsored resident gets an opportunity to stay for the same period of time as their sponsor. Remember to renew your visa prior to the expiry date to avoid overstay penalties.

Documents Attestation in Dubai – Documents needed to Obtain Family Visa

  • Original Valid six months copies of passport of wife and children are needed.
  • Original 4 colored photographs of wife and children with white background.
  • Sponsor’s original Emirates ID is required.
  • Copy of Sponsor’s Insurance.
  • Marriage Certificate (original) should be attested and translated in Arabic.
  • Birth Certificate (original) should be attested and translated in Arabic.
  • Colored copy of passport and visa of the sponsor is required.
  • Employer’s original Salary Certificate mentioning the monthly salary (Free zone – letter from relevant Free Zone Authority translated in Arabic, is required.)
  • Sponsor’s original labor contract
  • Lease/ rental agreement of the sponsor’s house (1 BHK)
  • Water and Electricity bill.

In case of Employer or investor, the following documents are also required –

  • Color copy of Trade License
  • Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association of the organization
  • Personal or company’s original bank statement

Time required for getting your Family Visa

If you have provided all the documents mentioned above for obtaining a family visa, then, on an average, this will take between 10 – 15 working days. But, if it’s late, then it is probably the approval from the Immigration Department of the emirate that is consuming time.

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