marriage certificate attestation

How to Do a Marriage Certificate Attestation for Dubai?

Requirements for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

The legalization of marriage certificate is mandatory to be accepted and considered as a legal document in the United Arab Emirates. A marriage certificate is a legal proof that two people are married and is issued by a public department or by the church, mosque, temple or gurudwara. This document states the couple’s name, place and time of their marriage, and other essential details


Getting Marriage Certificate Attestation

The original marriage certificate should be ready along with your spouse’s passport copy. 
The complete process of marriage certificate attestation in UAE is given below:

Step 1 – The certificate must be attested by the Home Department from the state of origin.

Step 2 – Then, the role of the Ministry of External Affairs comes to play. it will attest to the certificate from the home country.

Step 3 UAE Embassy in the home country will then verify the certificate.

Step 4 – Finally, the certificate attestation in Dubai is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Why is Marriage Certification Important in Dubai?

As per the UAE law, if a couple is not legally married, then it is illegal for them to live together. And to live there, certificate attestation in Dubai is required to provide legal proof of the marriage. 

In case, the name changes on visas, passports, etc. marriage certificate must be attested and submitted as evidence.

Another case can be of applying a resident visa for your partner. In this case, it is necessary to attest to the marriage document to apply for a family residence visa in Dubai. Therefore, your country’s UAE Embassy should attest to the documents and verify in the region of issuance.

Conditions of Legalizing Marriage Certificate in Dubai

  • Applying for residence visa for spouse
  • Sponsoring kids
  • Adding a spouse in health insurance
  • Medical tests – pregnancy or delivery
  • Applying for children’s passport
  • Buying land or property with a spouse
  • Applying for divorce in court
  • Name change in passport
  • Adopting a child
  • School admission of the kids

Time Required For Certificate Attestation Services

Your marriage certificate required 3 to 5 working days. SEPL Document Clearing LLC helps you get quicker attestation. MOFA Attestation services are offered by us in UAE and are easy and convenient. The complete processing time depends on the capability of various departments in different countries – HRD, Home Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE Embassy, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Is a Birth Certificate Attestation Required for a UAE Visa?

What is Birth Certificate Attestation?

Birth Certificate is an important document required during the attestation for a visa. It is an identity proof that tells an authority about your nationality. Therefore, you cannot skip this document.

In today’s time, Indians are transferring to United Arab Emirates for employment purposes or to settle their business. For this, you need to go through the process of getting your Indian originated certificates legalized before you finally get your visa. This process/ procedure is called UAE Embassy attestation and you require to get it verified for Certificate Attestation in Dubai.

Birth Certificate Attestation for United Arab Emirates (UAE) Procedure is as follows

  • Notary Attestation – In order to get your birth certificate attested, your documents have to first go through UAE embassy attestation. Notary verifies the birth documents from where they were issued.
  • Home Department Authentication
  • Ministry of External Affairs Stamp – Birth Certificates are then verified and stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation – Embassy Attestation is the fourth step of Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE. Embassy puts a sticker on the birth certificates.

Best Service Provider for Birth Certificate Attestation

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