How to Get Medical Certificate Attestation in Dubai? Know Here!

Medical Certificate Attestation in Dubai is an act of witnessing the Medical certificate by the authorized departments, persons, or authority. It is needed for the documents intended to use in Dubai for visas and other purposes. Attestation is done to ensure that issued medical certificates are authentic and valid.

What is Medical Certificate Attestation?

The Medical Certificate is a declaration written by the professional and certified doctor confirming that the patient has attended a medical test. It is also known as Sick Report. The certificate can be required in Dubai to avail yourself of health benefits, like sick leaves, short & long-term absence leaves, claim health insurance, etc. However, to legalize the usage of certificates in Dubai, you need to get Medical Certificate Attestation in Dubai. Through Attestation, you can also confirm that the issued documents are authentic and original.

Documents Required for Medical Certificate Attestation in Dubai

To obtain Attestation from all the concerned authorities, you need to provide the following documents:

  1. Original Medical Certificate
  2. A copy of Passport

What is the Procedure of Medical Certificate Attestation in Dubai for India?

The process of Attestation of a Medical Certificate involves various essential steps. However, the steps are taken by concerned authorities and UAE Embassy. It is necessary to get stamps and seals from all the concerned authorities to legalize the usage of documents in Dubai. From here, you can check the process of Medical Certificate Attestation in detail:

1. Authentication from the Home Department

Firstly, the Medical documents are verified and authenticated by the concerned State Home Department. Within the process, Home Department verifies the document and procures signs and seals to confirm its authenticity.

2. Attestation From MEA

After authentication, the Ministry of External Affairs attests to the medical certificates. MEA Attestation is necessary to legalize the usage of any type of documents in another country, including the UAE.

3. Attestation from UAE Embassy

To authorize the documents in UAE, you need to obtain UAE Embassy Attestation. Within the process, the Embassy procures essential stamps and seals to confirm that the signed Medical Certificate is authentic and genuine.

4. MOFA Attestation

In the last, to completely legalize the usage of Medical certificates, you need to obtain a MOFA Attestation in the UAE. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attests to the documents in UAE to legalize its usage. SEPL Document Clearing LLC is also provide genuine services for MOFA Attestation Services. You can quickly and reliably get your documents in UAE.

Where to Get Attestation Services in Dubai for India For Medical Certificate?

To get Attestation Services in Dubai for India for Personal documents, including Medical Certificates, you can reach out to us. SEPL Document Clearing LLC is one of the leading and trusted agencies in UAE. We are providing the best services and comprehensive to obtain your documents from the concerned authorities. Our corporate branch in India is authorized by the MEA to provide genuine services on their behalf. With our experience and expertise, you can quickly and easily get your document legalized. With us, you can get services for all sorts of documents, including Medical Certificate, Birth, Death, and Police Clearance Certificate Dubai. So, if you want to legalize your Police Clearance, Death, Birth, or any other personal document in Dubai, you can approach us.

How to Attest Indian Documents in Dubai?

Procedure to Attest Indian Documents in Dubai

Dubai is an ultra-modern city, full of excitement, and opportunities. This city is one of the top commercial centers in the world that attracts a lot of business administrators, students, and job seekers. The procedure to get into Dubai can be a bit hectic. Anyone who wishes to enter this country needs lots of proceedings which is difficult. Your Indian document attestation in Dubai is required which includes educational, personal, and commercial certificates. You need to get the documents legalized before applying for the visa.

All of your credentials are required to be attested necessarily which is the fundamental requirement to follow in Dubai. If an individual is seeking a job or higher education in Dubai, Degree Certificate Attestation is essential. It is compulsory to prove the Dubai officials that your Indian documents are legal and authentic.

How to Get Your Documents Attested?

Attesting your documents require a few particular steps to make your degree certificates genuine. Once, Embassy legalizes the documents, then the individual can apply for a visa that will help to enter into Dubai.


Before flying to Dubai, one should –

  • Get the certificates attested by the HRD (educational), Home Department (personal) and Chamber of Commerce (commercial) of your state. They provide a seal and signature that ensure the documents are legal.
  • Verify them with the Ministry of External Affairs of your country. Both original and copy of the documents are required.
  • Documents and its copy will again be verified by UAE Embassy or consulate.
  • The last step is to submit the documents and its copies to a genuine government area once you reach Dubai. Only then, the documents can be used anywhere in Dubai to get a job or college.

Not living in your country? Then you can –

  • Bring the documents to your country‚Äôs Embassy and then MEA. Embassy attestation is necessary to get the certificates authenticated before entering Dubai.
  • If not, send the documents to the home country.

Documents Attestation Services in Dubai

For this procedure, you need to get the documents verified by a Notary at the Dubai Court Notary Public. Take all original supporting documents along with a valid passport and an ID proof.

Note: The Courts of Dubai are open at AI Twar Centre and AI Barsha.

Later, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will attest your documents. Here, you are required to pay the charges to get the attestation.

SEPL Attestation provides genuine, quick and reliable services in Dubai and help you to get your documents attested. Reach to SEPL Document Clearing LLC for all attestation related queries and get professional support and supervision at affordable rates.