How Long Does the MOFA, UAE Take to Attest Education Degree?

MOFA Attestation for Education Degree

For immigrants in Dubai and UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is the authority that provides stamp on your documents to be accepted by the local UAE Embassy for further paperwork. When you are applying for a study visa, you need to present the paperwork to the UAE Embassy but only after all the original education documents are authenticated by MOFA.

Documents required for Degree attestation by MOFA

Here are the documents required for degree certificate attestation in Dubai

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • School Transcript
  • Higher Education Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • D. Degree Certificate

Getting MOFA Attestation for Education Documents

The individual is required to follow the given steps to finally get the MOFA Attestation:

  • The education documents must be verified by the HRD in the state of origin.
  • Then, the Ministry of External Affairs will authentic the documents based on HRD’s verification and provides an MEA stamp.
  • Finally, the UAE Embassy in the home country verifies the documents.

The individual can take these documents for MOFA Attestation in Dubai to get them verified so that the local embassy of the UAE can proceed with paperwork.

How much time does MOFA need to attest the documents?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can get done with the attestation in 1-2 days but in case of emergency, the education documents can be attested on the same day, if all the required documents are submitted. MOFA will only attest to the documents if they have been properly attested by the UAE Embassy in the home country of the individual.

The individual can take his original education degree to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and pay all the required charges. After paying the charges, the person has to wait for one hour to get the certificates attested. Attestation is a quick process and does not take much time.

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What is The Procedure For Degree Certificate Attestation in Dubai

If you are traveling to foreign countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, etc., you need to get all your certificates attested from an authorized government department of India. 

Traveling for a job or work in the UAE requires you to verify all your employment offers and other necessary certificates before visiting UAE. There is a slight chance that you can miss out on good opportunities if you do not have all the required attested certificates/documents with you. If you are facing any issues getting your certificates attested, then there a number of authorized companies that provide services for Degree Certificate Attestation in Dubai and other states of India.

Degree Certificate Attestation in Dubai Procedure

The attestation procedure for Dubai passes through various departments like the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), HRD Department, and Home Department. You need all your personal and educational documents to apply for employment visa, family visa, spouse visa, immigration, etc in the country of Dubai.

Attested seal from the UAE Embassy on your documents means that they are successfully authenticated and stamped by the Dubai Embassy in your country. Further, these documents are required to be stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the UAE Government for issuing a visa for UAE. 

Let us take a quick view of the procedure of Degree Attestation in Dubai.

  • Notary Attestation – Dubai attestation starts with notary attestation. It is done at the local level by authorized government administrators.
  • Home Department– After notary, the Home Department takes care of the embassy attestation which is further sent to the state you belong to. This department only looks after your personal documents.
  • HRD/ SDM Attestation – Thirdly, the HRD Ministry carries out all the educational certificate attestation. HRD first reviews the documents with the concerned school or university and then, later on, verifies them with an official stamp and signature. 
  • MEA Attestation – The degree will then be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs and provides an MEA Stamp as proof of verification. 
  • UAE Embassy Attestation – MEA Attestation is later re-checked by the Dubai embassy and this examines the authenticity of the documents.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) – After all the certificates are attested from the Ministry of India, and the Ministry of External Affairs, the documents will then be attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the country you are going to. Further, in Dubai, the applicant must get the certificates attested by MOFA after UAE Embassy attestation from your origin country.

There are several attestation service providers are available in all over India. It is all about the original certificates, so you need to be very choosy while selecting the right authorization to get your documents attested. Attestation service providers like SEPL Certificate Attestation Services, are experts in this job. Getting it done from a professional can turn out to be beneficial and hassle-free.