How to Get a Certificate Attested by the UAE Embassy?

To obtain your study, personal or work visa, you are required to get the UAE Embassy Attestation. The following are the steps an individual has to be followed in order to get the documents attested by UAE Embassy.

Educational Documents Attestation

For all the educational certificates, you need to get the HRD (Human Resource Development) Attestation in the state where it was issued.

Also, for obtaining your UAE attestation, it is required for you to get all of your educational documents verified from the HRD of that particular state. This department will authenticate the documents for the content by putting a seal and sign on it. Documents required for HRD attestation – original certificate, one passport copy, acknowledged offer letter/ invitation copy, All semester mark sheet copy, passport size photographs.

Personal Documents Attestation

For Indian Document Attestation of personal documents, the in-charge authority is the Home Department of India. You have to get your personal certificates attested by the State Home Department from where the personal documents have been issued. Documents required for Home Department Attestation are birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

Commercial Documents Attestation UAE

Chamber of Commerce (COC) is the authorization under the Indian Government that takes care of all the business documents attestation verification. Get your business documents verified by the Chamber of Commerce to get your visa for UAE. Documents required for COC Attestation – Bill Invoices, Import License, Insurance Certificate, Letter of Credit, Invitation Letter, Authority Letter, Power of Attorney, etc.

MEA Certificate Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in our country is the one that attests all the Indian originated educational, personal, and commercial documents before they are sent to the UAE Embassy for the final attestation in India.

UAE Embassy Attestation

The final step required to get your UAE visa is getting UAE Attestation. After you got your MEA Attestation done, the UAE Embassy then attests the certificates in New Delhi.

UAE Embassy Attestation

UAE Embassy Attestation: The Detailed Procedure

The increasing trend of immigration and emigration has increased the need and necessity of attestation. Be it for sponsoring a visa or completing higher education abroad, attestation has become requisite. Attestation is a government authentication procedure that can’t be delayed or ignored if a native is planning an international move. The United Arab Emirates is the latest attraction of expats. Better lifestyle, lucrative jobs, and tax-free salary are some of the highlights of Dubai.

UAE Embassy Attestation


What is the Procedure of UAE Embassy Attestation?

The procedure of the UAE Embassy attestation is as follows:

State Attestation- Scrutinization and authentication of the presented documents at the state level are known as State Attestation. A document can only be validated by the concerned department of the issuing states. Human Resource Development (HRD), Home Department, and the Chamber of Commerce and the assigned authorities for validating educational, personal, and commercial documents respectively. 

MEA Attestation- The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) thereupon attest the Indian certificate. The MEA is the only government authority in India overseeing and completing this task. This procedure usually takes a half day. The document will be seized by the MEA if found forged.    

UAE Embassy Attestation- Thirdly, the UAE Embassy attests the Indian document after complete verification. Once the UAE Embassy attestation is done, then only the certificate will be processed further for attestation and visa. 

MOFA Attestation- At last, the document will be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) if they are being used in the UAE. 

How long does the attestation procedure takes to complete?
The attestation procedure depends on several variables due to which time taken by documents varies. Some documents are easy to process while others are prolonged. For eg., educational document attestation takes much longer time than commercial document attestation. Embassies of certain countries take a longer time to verify and attest a certificate such as Angola Embassy and Venezuela Embassy. On the other hand, Qatar Embassy, Kuwait Embassy, and Bangladesh Embassy usually return a document in between 3 to 5 business days. There is no fix duration of how long this procedure can take. Although, this duration can be reduced by hiring an agency. There are numerous agents providing services regarding Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai.