How to Buy Property in Dubai – Complete Guide

Purchasing a property anywhere in the world is a valuable investment. But, there are some legal rules for a first-time international buyer interested in buying a property in Dubai. 

Compared to many other countries, investing money in a property in Dubai is surprisingly simple. 

However, legal guidance is vital to know the process involved in such a big decision. So, what should you consider if you want to know how to buy a property in Dubai? 

Prior to fixing an appointment with a real estate agent, decide the type and location of the property. 

Purpose of Buying a Property in Dubai 

Decide why you want to buy a property in Dubai for Investment, Resident, Business, Rent, or Open a Shop or Cafe.

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Your objective of buying a property in Dubai plays a significant role in deciding the location of the assets you want to buy.

Invest in a property near Dubai’s tourist hubs if you want to buy a property to make money via renting business. Once you are clear with your objective to buy a property in Dubai, you can go further to find out about the buying process. 

Types of Properties in Dubai 

Here are different property options for a non-resident of Dubai to choose the best one. 

  • Commonhold/Long-lease properties are apartments that include maintenance and repair fees. If you take a commonhold property in Dubai on a lease, you get full rights of the property, but not the land. It is a contract between the owner of the property and the person who has invested his money on the long-lease property. You can  rent your long-lease property or give it to your children. 
  • Freehold apartment buyers in Dubai get full ownership of the property, but not the land. On the same side, a buyer of a villa or townhouse in Dubai gets full ownership of the land. Freehold properties in Dubai are sold through dealers or developers with an Emirates government licence.
  • Usufruct properties are for a long-term investment with a long-term lease contract. The lease of a usufruct property lasts anywhere between 10 to 100 years. It depends on your objective for buying a property in Dubai. No restriction included in the lease term related to using the property. 

Dubai Law to Buy a Property in Dubai 

According to Real Estate Law No. 7 of 2006: Land Registration Law, a UAE or GCC, The Gulf Cooperation Council, citizens can buy property in Dubai.

Under the same law, a foreigner can buy property in designated areas for foreign property ownership in Dubai. 

Documents Required to Buy a Property in Dubai 

  • Manager’s cheque to pay the amount for the property 
  • Original identity proofs of both buyer and seller
  • NOC from the developer
  • Duly signed MoU or Form F

Prices of Different Properties in Dubai 

The list price is the asking price that the seller demands. Yes, it is negotiable.

The sale price is the price at which the owner agrees to sell the property. 

The appraised value is the one provided by the authorised real estate agent. The agent will give you the appraised value of your property after comparing the value of your property with other properties.

Admin Costs Involved in the Process to Buy a Property 

  • Dubai Land Department (DLD) will charge four percent of the total property price. 
  • Title deed issue fees – AED 520.
  • Admin fees to DLD – AED 4200.
  • The agent will charge two percent of the total property amount.
  • NOC may charge more than AED 5000. 

Other Costs Included in the Process 

The following are the charges that come when someone sells his property. However, these points are conditional according to the deal between the seller and buyer. 

  • Clearance of mortgage (cancellation fees)
  • Clearance of service charges
  • Maintenance fees
  • Settlement of DEWA
  • District cooling
  • Developer’s NOC 
  • Fees paid to the Land Department Commission

Here are some points a buyer should consider prior to buying a  property in Dubai.  

  • Security deposits depend on the deal between the buyer and seller 
  • Transfer fees charged by the Land Department
  • Electricity and water connections charges 
  • Community service charges 
  • Mortgage application fees 
  • Misc admin fees to the Land Department Commission


There are some areas where foreigners in Dubai can buy property, and they are:

Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Arabian Ranches.

You can buy a property in Dubai according to your objective or the kind of property you want to invest your money in. Take help from an expert in Dubai to know the requirements, real estate rates, process of buying a property in Dubai, etc. 

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