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Things You Should Know About Apostille Services UAE!

Are you looking for genuine Apostille Services UAE? Don’t know how to get your documents legalized for Hague Convention countries? No worries. Here, you can get comprehensive knowledge about the Apostille services in Dubai and how to get them.

First of all, you must know that UAE is not a member of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 (Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents). Therefore, UAE-issued documents intended to use in another country, including the Hague Apostille Convention countries, need to get Attestation to legalize their usage. However, if you live in UAE and require an Apostille for Indian-originated documents, reach us.

What is Hague Apostille Convention?

Hague Convention Apostille or the Apostille Treaty is an international treaty drafted on Private International Law by the Hague Conference. In the treaty, it is decided to approve the Apostille as the only legalization process for the member countries of the Hague Convention 1961. There is no need for further legalizations, like Embassy Attestation or any other. It is applied between the two countries who are the Hague Convention members.

Nevertheless, UAE is not a part of the Apostille Convention. Therefore, you need to get the Attestation from the respective authorities and embassy to authorize the usage of the documents in foreign countries.

How to Get Apostille Services in Dubai? Know Here!

If you are want to get your Indian-originated documents apostilled in UAE, you can count on us. No doubt! SEPL Document Clearing LLC is one of the leading and trusted Apostille and Attestation services providers in UAE. Our corporate branch in India is authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs to provide collection and delivery services. With us, you can promptly get the best services including, MEA Apostille services, Family Visa Dubai assistance, translation, and other essential services.

Looking for the Best Apostille Services UAE? Contact Us!

SEPL Document Clearing LLC is committed to providing the most approachable and reliable Apostille Services UAE. Whether you want to obtain an Apostille for Educational documents, Personal documents, or commercial documents, you can conveniently approach our services to seek the best solutions.

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