marriage certificate attestation

Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation From Dubai- What Do You Need to Know?

Marriage certificate attestation is a four-step procedure

Home Department Authentication All Indian personal documents, including marriage certificates, are authenticated by the Home Department of the respective state.

marriage certificate attestation
marriage certiificate attestation
  • MEA Attestation– Upon State authentication, the certificate will be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, the only authorized body in India attesting all Indian-originated documents.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation– Thirdly, the presented document will be attested by the UAE Embassy in India. UAE Embassy attestation is the last step of Indian document attestation in India. 
  • MOFA Attestation– Lastly, the documents will be sent back to Dubai for MOFA attestation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a government department of the UAE overlooking immigration and emigration related issues. After MOFA attestation, the marriage certificate becomes legally accepted in Dubai.  

What are the benefits of marriage certificate attestation? 

Are you planning on moving your better half along with you to a new country? If yes, then eventually you will require marriage certificate attestation Dubai. Gulf countries like the United Arab Emirates impose strict regulations regarding married couples, and sexual relationships and unmarried couples cohabiting is illegal here. So, if you are sponsoring your spouse visa for Dubai, then firstly authenticate all the documents thoroughly from the concerned government department of your native country. Since the whole attestation procedure is complicated, you might want to hand over your documents to an expert and experienced authority. Attestation allows the easy processing of your spouse visa and proves that your certificates are valid.     

How to get documents attested easily in Dubai?

The easiest and uncomplicated way of getting your documents attested in Dubai is by seeking professional assistance. There are plenty of companies rendering assistance for visa services and certificate attestation in Dubai. Do a background check of the company before submitting your documents. They will process your documents on your behalf, and you will receive attested certificates without wasting much money and time. Attestation is an intricate procedure, and a small mistake can end up rejecting your visa request. Hence, the cheapest and most reasonable method of document attestation from Dubai is via hiring a professional having expertise in this area.      

Dubai Police Clearance Certificate

Dubai Police Clearance Certificate (PCC): What You Need To Know

How to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an official document issued by the police department of a country stating whether or not an applicant has any past criminal record. Generally, a PCC is required when an expat applies for residential visa, employment visa, or long term visa overseas. Since more than half of Dubai’s population is comprised of expats, employment is the main reason behind this demographic change. PCC is a compulsory document required for employment and other visas. A PCC is also known as a certificate of good conduct/ good citizen certificate/ national police history check. The services for Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai and other countries are uncomplicated comparatively to other documents. 

Dubai Police Clearance Certificate

What is the procedure for applying for Police Clearance Certificate from Dubai?

Expats who are already residing in the UAE or are no longer UAE residents can apply for the PCC online through the Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) official portal or by visiting their service centres or via their mobile app “MOI UAE.” You will have to fill an application and pay the required fee for initiating the process. The service fee for PCC for UAE nationals is 100 Dh and for expats residing in the country is 200 Dh. The expats who are applying for the PCC from outside the country will have to pay 300 Dh. You can easily avail the services for Police Clearance Certificate for UK, Qatar, and many more countries in Dubai.

Documents required for the PCC are:

  1. A valid Emirates Identity card.
  2. A letter from the applicant claiming that he/ she does not have any criminal conviction against him/ her.
  3. A recent passport size photograph.
  4. One copy of the applicant’s passport.

Expats who are planning to stay in Dubai and require PCC for acquiring a visa have to first attest their fingerprint card from the UAE Embassy located in their native country. A fingerprint card is an official report issued by the police department regarding the verification of the applicant. Afterwards, the PCC request will be forwarded to the MOI or to the UAE police department along with other supporting documents.