What is Document Translation in Dubai & Why Do You Need It?

Document translation is a service mainly implemented to submit an document in the native language of your destination country. Dubai is one of the countries where the government’s native language is Arabic. 

When you want to pursue education, employment, or do business, he needs some documents like a degree or diploma translated from your original language to Arabic. 

MOFA in the UAE has officially approved agencies like SEPL Group to provide document translation to attestation services

SEPL is a document processing company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We are experts in services, such as document Attestation, Apostille, and language translation

What is Document Translation

Translation is a word used to describe a service in which a document’s content or text is translated into another language. 

A document translation service is helpful for an immigrant in translating his legal documents into the language acceptable in his destination country.

Document translation service is as essential as an attestation of documents for confirming a certificate authenticity for a foreign country.

Why Do You Require Legal Translation of a Document in Dubai?

A document translation service is a part of the immigration process helpful for immigrants to move to a Non-English spoken foreign country like UAE or other gulf countries.

A foreigner in Dubai needs translation services to convert his document into Arabic to present it to any government department in Dubai. 

Let us understand this with an example.

You received your higher education degree from a well-known university in Dubai, and now you are seeking admission to a United Kingdom university.  

In this case, you will go through the attestation process of educational documents for the UK

You need to submit your translated copy of your degree with the original degree to the UK embassy and immigration department for attestation and a study visa.

The attestation and document translation services are the essential requirements to demonstrate the authenticity of your document in your destination country.

On the other hand, if you are an Indian and employed in Dubai and sponsor your wife’s residence visa, you need marriage certificate attestation from your native country and MOFA in Dubai. 

Document language translation into Arabic is a prerequisite essential before submitting your marriage certificate to the Dubai embassy and MOFA to obtain an attestation stamp.

Types of Translation Services?

The following are some common types of translation services.

  • Business translation is a service specifically needed to translate the content and text of commercial documents for business purposes.
  • Legal translation done for legal documents necessary for law-related work by certified translators.
  • Financial translation includes economic or financial information documents like your financial reports, balance sheets, bank statements, etc.
  • Educational translation service is vital to convert the text of your academic documents like degrees, diplomas, or mark sheets into the language of your destination country. 

Why Choose SEPL Group for Document Translation Service for Attestation? 

The UAE government accepts documents that are translated as per the credentials and qualifications they set to translate a document from its original language to Arabic. 

It is one of the reasons the officials have officially approved the SEPL group to provide document translation services in the UAE. We have a team of experts to do the legal or general translation services. 

We have an entirely human translation process, including the latest software technology to translate your document swiftly. 

We are famous for guaranteeing high-quality translation services. Along with that, we always serve to meet the customer’s urgent requirements.

Services SEPL Offer in Translation, Dubai

  • Legal Translation 
  • Interpretation
  • Medical Translation 
  • Technical Translation 
  • Proofreading 
  • Publishing Translation 
  • Commercial Translation
  • Subtitling
  • Translation for Canada
  • Translation of Driving License
  • Typesetting Services
  • Media & Advertising Translation 
  • Website Translation
  • Document Translation
  • Fast Translation Estimates
  • Financial Translation
  • Translation of Educational certificates
  • Translation for Attestation

The Benefits of Choosing SEPL Group

  • Exceptional rates
  • Quick services
  • Best to Deal with Urgent Translation Requirements
  • Translation service for all foreign languages
  • Available to translate any number of words

You can courier your application for translation service and attestation or visit our office for expert service. 

Document Translation Service Duration and Cost

Multiple factors influence the duration and cost of a document translation service, such as document nature and the languages involved in the process.

Choose SEPL group, which is professional and officially approved by MOFA, to present their best quality work.


Document translation is as important as an attestation to verify and confirm documents’ legitimacy. The signatures, punctuation, stamps, and seals on a document stay as it is in the original document.

The translated certificate content must match the original document, original and translated, both documents are attested by foreign diplomatic missions.

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