How to Find Best Attestation Services in Dubai- Top 10 Tips

Attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of the documents such as degree, diploma, or marriage certificate for the use in foreign country.

The vast majority of individuals every day search for the best attestation services in Dubai to migrate to any other country for education, employment, or any other purpose. For migration from Dubai, document verification is vital.

There are three categories of documents to verify for employment, education, or any other purpose – Educational, Non-Educational (Personal), and Commercial. 

Verification of your legal documents is an exceptionally complicated process. Attestation of documents is mandatory to prove their authenticity. 

The attestation services are complex and include three to four steps to examine whether a document is genuine or not. It can be a little hectic and complicated for an individual to move from one department to the other to get a certificate attested. 

To make the whole attestation process easy and quick, the government has authorized agencies to provide the services in Dubai. 

Mostly the people who apply for attestation are unaware of the whole process. In this case, you can contact the government authorized attestation agency for the best attestation service in Dubai.  

Now, the point is to decide which is the best agency for attestation services in Dubai. 

Tips To Find The Best Agency For Attestation Services In Dubai

1. Document Tracking Facility 

You need to get your document attestation done as soon as possible, and for that, you have to contact one of the attestation agencies. So you trusted the agency and gave your documents to them, but how do you know whether the agency people are doing your work or not? 

Tracking service is required to track the attestation process of your document. It will help you keep an eye on the document attestation journey, any time and anywhere. 

2. Authorized Agency

For the best attestation services in Dubai, choose the government-authorized agency. SEPL is authorized and Approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), United Arab Emirates, to collect and deliver documents after Attestation.

3. More Than Ten Years of Experience

Hire experts having more than ten years of experience in the attestation service. Attestation is a lengthy and complicated process, and the professionals and experts know how to make this process uncomplicated and speedy for customers. 

The experienced agencies, before sending your documents to the state, foreign ministry, and embassy for attestation, verify your certificates to prevent any uncertainty in further work.

4. Excellent Track Record 

A company with a good number of customer testimonials is the best one to be hired for the attestation service. The internet has made things easier for us. 

For instance, you need attestation service in Dubai for your marriage certificate, check the agency’s website and read about them.

You can also talk with the agency agents to know how much they are aware of the attestation process and how they can help you. 

5. Certifications From Reputable Authorities 

We often get appreciation when we do some extraordinary work. So, in the same way, if a company is authorized and is doing good work, it must have got some awards and certifications.

So before hiring any agency for the attestation service in Dubai, see or ask them whether they have got any accreditation or not.

6. Language Translation Service 

Some countries accept legal documents in their native language. For instance, you need an attestation for your degree certificate in Dubai.

But, your degree certificate is in English, and the organizations in Dubai accept the document in Arabic. In this case, you should contact an agency that provides language translation services in Dubai

The SEPL is one of the authorized agencies of the government and provides translation services for many languages – Urdu, Arabic, English, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugal, Russian, Malaysian and Chinese

7. Available on Social Media Platforms

These days, who isn’t present on social media? From a small school to a big agency, all promote themselves on social media. So on social media platforms, you can see how the agency is representing itself. In this way, you get to know a lot about that agency.

8. Offline and Online Services 

Choose the agency that also provides the both online & offline service. So that you do not have to go anywhere and all the work starts and finishes on the internet. These services make the attestation process smooth & agile.

9. Operational in Different Localities 

An authorized agency would have multiple branches in different cities and abroad to expand their best attestation services.

Agencies also open their branches in many places so that more and more people can take advantage of their services, and the customer does not have to run here and there to get the attestation done.

10. Customer Support 

Before selecting the attestation service provider you have to know about their customer support services. It helps the customers in a great way & makes them satisfied and happy.

You should contact the agency with a brilliant number of satisfied customers.

Why Choose Us

SEPL Document Clearing LLC for the last 13+ years, has been known for providing the best attestation services in Dubai.

Neither so soon nor so far, but after investing many years in the attestation services, SEPL is operational now in 90+ countries, satisfied 89100+ clients, and processed 5618300+ applications. 

We have received many honor certificates from India and UAE for our fast and faultless attestation services. We are the experts who are 24*7 available to provide the best attestation services in Dubai according to the needs of our customers. 

On top of this, SEPL provides language translation and certificate attestation tracking services to make the attestation process easier for the government and customers. 

For the best attestation services in Dubai, contact us.

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