How to Get Educational Certificate Attestation in Dubai?

Educational documents attestation is necessary to prove that they are authentic and issued by an authorized school/college/university/institute. Attestation of educational certificates in Dubai is mandatory for a person willing to study abroad or join a promising job.

Attestation is a lengthy process and can be hectic to follow patiently. These are the reasons there are authorized agencies to coordinate with the authorities to run the attestation process on the applicant’s behalf.

Why Do You Need to Attest Your Educational Documents? 

Top reasons why you should undergo the educational certificate attestation process in Dubai.

To Get Admission in Foreign University

The attested educational certificate declares that you are eligible to apply for an educational visa to study abroad. This attestation process is also vital to getting admission to the world’s top-ranked foreign university.

For Secure Employment

For a promising job and career in a foreign country, you need to verify your educational documents from the embassy or consulate of the country you are willing to go to.

The Complete Process of Educational Certificate Attestation in Dubai

There are four official departments involved in the verification process of your educational documents for attestation in Dubai. Each department has its uniqueness and values to certify how authentic is your educational certificate to get an embassy attestation in Dubai.

Here are the steps for education certificate attestation in Dubai. For instance, if your document is issued from the UK first you have to contact British Council in Dubai. 

Once you got the stamp on your degree from the relevant authority then the next step is to send your document via courier to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK. 

The third step includes the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in London, which verifies the document is genuine for legal use in Dubai. 

The final step is getting the verification done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Dubai with an attestation stamp on your education certificate. 

I know the whole process sounds intimidating but you don’t have to go through the whole process. We as an authorised agency can help you to get your document attested easily & quickly.

The first and second steps for educational documents attestation in Dubai change according to the native country of the applicant. 

Each country has its own rules and dedicated departments to perform the attestation process for educational documents. That is the reason there are authorized agencies for attestation services. 

If you need an attestation for your educational documents in Dubai, you can count on us. 

How to Get Attestation for Educational Certificates in Dubai?

The process of attestation for educational certificates in Dubai is complicated and time-consuming. There are so many steps in this process that often create confusion and mislead people. 

So to make this work a little easier and faster, the government authorities have authorized SEPL.

Now how can you approach SEPL in Dubai for educational certificates attestation? 

  • You can call us to communicate with our expert for attestation service.  
  • You can use the chat window on the same website, and our executive will replay you within a second.  
  • You can email us related to the attestation for educational documents. 

Benefits of Choosing SEPL for Educational Certificates Attestation in Dubai 

Fast & Reliable Service

We believe and function to meet the urgent needs of our clients for educational certificate attestation. 

Document Pick Up & Drop Service

It could be difficult for someone to take off from work and visit the Superb Enterprise office in Dubai for attestation service. 

So, we support our customers by collecting documents for attestation from their doorstep and delivering them back after attestation. 

Language Translation Service

Various countries follow a rule to accept foreign documents in their native language. We translate educational certificates into the country language you need an attestation for in Dubai. 

Document Tracking Service

Our customers can track their educational certificate attestation process.

Customer Service

Our experienced and trustworthy guide their customers. You can contact us during our working hours to resolve your doubts.

Customer Convenience 

Customer satisfaction is a kind of marketing in itself. When our customers appreciate our service, it inspires us to keep doing good work.


Hire SEPL professionals to attest your educational certificates in Dubai without the hassle and the complexity of the process.

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