Attestation Services in Dubai for Indian Documents – Complete Guide

Suppose you live in Dubai and planning to procure a degree course or save a promising job. Your university or employer needs your previous educational certificates to check the authenticity of your documents.

To prove the authenticity of your documents, they need to go through a verification process.

Attestation is a process to verify the authenticity of your legal documents. Attestation also proclaims that your documents are genuine to use in a foreign country.

This article covers imperative information about attestation services in Dubai for Indian documents.

Types of Indian Documents Requires Attestation Services In Dubai

Educational Documents – Mark Sheet, BE certificates, MS certificates, MD certificates, HSC certificates, SSC certificates, MBBS certificates, degree certificates, or diploma certificates

Non-Educational or Personal Documents – Birth certificate, marriage certificate, leaving certificate, offer letter, bonafide certificate, registration certificate, or medical certificate.

Commercial Documents – Export invoice, power of attorney, certificate of origin, packaging list, chemical analysis report, certificate of incorporation.

Why is Document Attestation Required?

Attestation of documents is required for multiple purposes, but a few common reasons are, work visa, student visa, and residence visa. 

Apart from that if you want your children to study in UAE then attestation is mandatory, after all the steps of attestation, you can live legally in UAE.

Complete Attestation Process for Indian Documents in Dubai

Attestation services in Dubai for Indian documents are mandatory to pursue education, get a promising job, or do business. The following is the complete process included in the attestation services in Dubai as per the each Indian document type.

Educational Documents Attestation Process in Dubai

  • The document needs to be verified as authentic for attestation by the department that issued it.
  • The state Human Resource Department (HRD) confirms that a particular certificate is legal to obtain the best attestation services in Dubai.
  • The MEA checks the document’s authenticity.
  • UAE Embassy
  • The MOFA in Dubai verifies the document and proves it is bonafide with attestation.

Non-Educational Documents Verification Process in Dubai

  • The document issued department verified its authenticity to opt for certificate attestation services in Dubai.
  • The State Home Department checks the Indian certificate and proves it is legal to procure the best attestation services in Dubai.
  • The MEA checks the authenticity of the Indian document.
  • UAE Embassy
  • The MOFA proves the document is authentic with attestation.

Commercial Documents Attestation Process in Dubai

  • The document is proved legal and authentic for attestation by the department that has issued it.
  • The Chamber of Commerce verifies your Indian certificate to prove its authenticity to obtain attestation services in Dubai.
  • The MEA proves the Indian document is authentic for Dubai attestation services.
  • UAE Embassy
  • The MOFA approves the document is legal with attestation.

Documents Required For Attestation Services in Dubai For India

The following documents are necessary for Indian certificate attestation in Dubai.

  • 2 Photographs
  • Original Document
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy

Time and Cost for Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai

The cost and days of attestation services in Dubai depend on the various factors, and some of them are:

  1. The category of your document for attestation.
  2. The reason you need attestation in Dubai.
  3. The departments of your native country are involved in the attestation service process in Dubai.
  4. The best attestation agency you have hired in Dubai.
  5. The role of Dubai departments who provide attestation.

How We Can Help With Documents Attestation Services in Dubai?

SEPL  in Dubai is an authorized agency that provides you with the best attestation services. Because getting an attestation to verify your documents for legal use in Dubai is a lengthy process.

Different departments verify your document for final attestation. Sometimes, the departments that check the authenticity of your document don’t accept it, and the reason could be anything, such as the content on the paper was not clear and readable.

So, to get your documents attested in quick time, we check them thoroughly before sending them further for attestation.

We run the attestation service process in Dubai for your documents on your behalf. Being the reliable attestation agency in Dubai, we work very hard to process your application fast and without hassle.

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