How to Get Indian Divorce Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Getting attestation of a Indian divorce certificate in Dubai is mandatory to get your name changed in the passport and other official documents. A divorce certificate is a document for the termination of a marriage. 

The attestation confirms the authenticity of an Indian divorce certificate in Dubai. For attestation, the professional authorized agency SEPL Group provides quick & reliable services. 

SEPL Group (SEPL Document Clearing LLC), is authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MOFA in UAE to provide the document attestation service

The attestation procedure involves the national and international officials of the country from where the document was issued and the country the person intends to use it.

Like your divorce certificate is issued by the Indian government, and you need attestation of the document to use it in Dubai.

The Indian certificate is confirmed authentic in India at the regional, state, and Ministry of external affairs (MEA) levels. After that, the document goes through the Dubai embassy attestation in India.

The MOFA attestation is done as per the requirement of the applicant. The MOFA accepts the applications for attestation through the authorized SEPL Document Clearing LLC Attestation.

Step by Step Process of Indian Divorce Certificate Attestation in Dubai

The process to obtain a divorce certificate attestation varies mainly on the country from which the documents belong and the country the applicant intends to use the certificate.

The following is the process for an Indian divorce certificate attestation in Dubai

  1. Verification at the regional level by a legal person is mandatory before processing the further course of action. It is a regional level verification of a divorce certificate by an official appointed for the task. 
  1. A divorce certificate is a personal document that the state home department verifies and ascertains it is bonafide with a stamp and seal. 
  1. The MEA in India certifies the certificate and confirms its authenticity with an MEA attestation stamp. 
  1. The Dubai embassy will verify the divorce certificate and provide an embassy attestation stamp to declare the document genuine.

Certification of a foreign document from MOFA is done when the applicant applies for it. If you want MOFA attestation after the Dubai embassy, SEPL Group can do it. 

How to Apply for Indian Divorce Certificate Attestation in Dubai

SEPL Group Attestation welcomes your application for attestation services in two different ways – Normal and Express. You can courier your document to the SEPL Attestation office. 

On the other hand, you can visit the office to submit your certificate for attestation. We take forward the attestation process based on your requirements. 

The following are the platforms from which you can contact SEPL for a divorce certificate attestation in Dubai. 

  • For assistance, you can call us during our working hours. 
  • Visit the office on Monday to Saturday between 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM, but Friday is closed.
  • E-mail at

What We Do Once We Receive Your Documents

Once SEPL Group receives your application for attestation, we take forward the certification process in the following ways. 

  1. Verify your document before sending it forward to the officials for authentication check. 
  1. Submit your divorce certificate to the official appointed to certify the paper for Dubai attestation in your native country at regional level. 
  1. Then we send forward your regional level verified document to the state home department for the second certification. 
  1. After getting the green signal from the state department, we dispatch your divorce certificate to the Indian MEA for attestation. 
  1. Then the embassy accepts the document to provide the final verification round and attestation stamp. 

If you need MOFA attestation, we can do that also and courier your attested document to you or we can inform you to collect your certified divorce certificate in Dubai from our office.

What is the Purpose of a Indian Divorce Certificate Attestation?

A divorce certificate is a proof of termination of a marriage. When a divorced person gets married in Dubai, he needs his attested divorce certificate. 

The cycle of attestation process is mandatory to follow when a single divorced parent wishes to apply for permanent residency in Dubai. The following are the other reasons to define why you need a divorce certificate attestation. 

  • To remove the spouse’s name from the passport 
  • To change the name of the spouse in bank documents 
  • To change the name of the beneficiary candidate in insurance-related documents
  • For remarriage

What are the Documents Needed for Indian Divorce Certificate Attestation in Dubai?

To get an attestation stamp on your divorce certificate, submit the following documents to SEPL Group in Dubai, an authorized agency. 

  • Original divorce certificate 
  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • Authorization letter

Mostly, for attestation, the agency asks for the original document. On the other hand, the requirement of a visa copy depends on the authorities who provide attestation, with an authorization letter, the applicant can assign someone to submit his application for attestation service on his behalf. 

On top of this, in most cases, Dubai officials accept certificates translated into Arabic. SEPL Group is a document processing company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) faithful to serve you in each phase of the Documentation Industry, including attestation and language translation services as well.

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