Dubai Visa on Arrival- Everything You Need to Know About

An entry permit or visa is crucial to enter Dubai. Various types of visas for UAE are available for foreigners to study, work, do business, etc.

There are many types of visas to apply for to stay in Dubai, but a Dubai visa on arrival is something that creates less hassle. 

This article covers everything crucial linked with a Dubai visa on arrival. Read to know what it is, who is eligible to apply for it, and many more. 

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What is Dubai Visa on Arrival?

Dubai Visa on Arrival, with the term, you might get a clue that it is a facility provided by the UAE government where the visitor gets their visa after arriving in Dubai.

Visa on arrival is different, to avail this facility you must have a valid passport, and you will get the visa when you reach Dubai. 

Apart from that, to visit a foreign country, you need to complete a lot of paperwork as you apply for a visa according to your purpose of going abroad. You cannot go from your country to any other country without an entry permit/visa.

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The Dubai visa on arrival has the following features:- 

  • UAE immigration provides you with a Dubai visa after you disembark from your Dubai flight. 
  • You need to complete the required biometric procedures to get a Dubai visa on arrival. 
  • A Dubai visa on arrival provided by the UAE immigration department is tech-friendly and easily updated into the Amer and ICA systems.
  • For a Dubai visa on arrival, you need to have a passport of some specific country which you will read about in the next heading.

How Many Types of Dubai Visa on Arrival are There? 

Dubai immigration provides four types of Dubai on-arrival visas, and your eligibility to apply for any on-arrival visa depends on your country of origin or passport. 

Here are the types of Visa on arrival in Dubai:-

  • There are four types of these visas, but you pay money for one of these visas, and the other three are free.
  • If you are from Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, etc., you are eligible to get a 30-day Dubai on-arrival visa. 
  • National citizens and passport holders of Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Italy, etc., can get a 90-day of on-arrival visa in Dubai. 
  • Indian nationals with a valid green card, USA visit visa, or a residence visa of UK/EU can apply for a paid 14-day on-arrival visa in Dubai. 

What are the Categories of Visa-On-Arrival in Dubai?

90-Day On-Arrival Visa 

This visa is free and has a validity period of six months with multi-entry and is available for those who originate from or hold a passport from any of the 48 countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Greece, France, etc. But, this 90-day on-arrival visa in Dubai is non-extendable and holds no grace period. 

30-Days On-Arrival Visa 

This visa is free and perfect for a single entry. But, a passport holder of any of these countries –  Andorra, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Brunei, Canada, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland, United States of America or Vatican City is eligible to get 30-days on-arrival visa. 

Yes, you can extend your stay in Dubai for an extra 30 days, which may cost around 1000 AED. 

14-Days On-Arrival Visa in Dubai 

This visa is for single entry and costs 120 AED. Yes, you can extend your stay in Dubai, which may cost you 250 AED for an extra 14 days. 

An Indian passport holder gets a 14-days Dubai on-arrival visa if he holds a valid residence visa with a minimum of six months validity issued by the UK or EU countries or a green card or visitor visa provided by the USA. 

180-Days On-Arrival Visa in Dubai 

If you hold a Mexican passport, you are eligible to get this on-arrival visa in Dubai with multiple entries and a six months validity period from the date of issue. This visa is free, but you cannot extend it. 

Can I Get a Dubai On-Arrival Visa Online? 

No, Dubai on-arrival visa is a task completed by the Dubai immigration department offline. If you fulfill the requirements linked with the Dubai on-arrival visa, you will get one for yourself after disembarking from your flight. 

You can get this visa from the immigration department when you reach Dubai airport. The officers will update your visa into the AMER and ICA systems only if you complete the biometric procedure. 

What are the Requirements to Get Dubai Visa On-Arrival? 

  • You belong to or hold a passport of the eligible countries.
  • You have a valid passport with validity for six months. 
  • You must have a return ticket. 

What is the Process to Get an On-Arrival Visa in Dubai?

After disembarking your flight, proceed to the immigration counter and complete the biometric procedures. Then the appointed person will place a visa stamp on your passport and update all of that into the ICA and AMER systems. After that, you can take your luggage and enjoy your stay in Dubai. 

Do I Need to Get a New Dubai On-Arrival Visa Every Time I Exit and Enter the Country?

Only 30-day on-arrival visa holders get the perk to exit and enter with a new free visa. Unfortunately, if you have another on-arrival visa, you have no power to avail yourself of the service to exit and enter Dubai with a new free visa. But, you can get a new free on-arrival visa if you have been outside Dubai for six months or more.

What are the Different Types of Visas for Dubai? 

There are 30 and 90 90-day tourist visas for those who want to explore Dubai as a tourist. A service visa for 14 days is available for you and your family members who are your Company Representatives, Sales Managers, or those who have plans to visit UAE for Commercial purposes. 

Apart from that Residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and their companions are eligible to apply for an e-Visa, an electronic visa. This visa allows you to stay in Dubai for 30 days.

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