How to Get HRD Attestation in Dubai

Attestation of documents is a legal acknowledgment of their authenticity. This verification is necessary for a foreigner in Dubai to validate his educational document’s originality. 

There is a process of educational documents attestation in Dubai, including the State Human Resource Department, the Ministry of External Affairs of the applicant’s native country, and the embassy of Dubai.

HRD attestation is obligatory to confirm the authenticity of educational documents such as your degree, diploma, or mark sheet.

In this blog, you will know everything linked with HRD attestation, from what HRD attestation is to how to get HRD attestation in Dubai.

What is HRD Attestation?

HRD is the abbreviation for Human Resource Development. It is a department to certify your educational documents and confirm their authenticity with an attestation stamp. This authentication process is vital to obtain MEA attestation, Dubai embassy, and MOFA attestation. 

Each state in India has its HRD department to verify the educational certificate issued under the MHRD (The Ministry of Human Resource Development). Certification of your degree or diploma from the HRD is obligatory to obtain Dubai attestation.

HRD is a state-level certificate verification done by the concerned state HRD from where the document originated.  

How to Get HRD Attestation in Dubai? 

HRD attestation is mandatory to make your document valid and authentic in Dubai. The officials who certify your documents and affix the attestation stamp on your educational documents accept your applications from the authorized agency. 

SEPL Document Clearing LLC is an agency authorized by MOFA in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to provide services like document Attestation, Language translation, etc. 

Whether you want HRD attestation for a degree or a diploma, the SEPL group is available on the following platforms to take your query and work as per your requirement. 

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HRD attestation of educational certificates has priority as it will confirm the document’s authenticity in Dubai. 

What is the Procedure of HRD Attestation?

Legalization from HRD is obligatory after and before academic and central government attestation. There are two steps included in the procedure to get an HRD attestation for educational documents in Dubai, and they are:

  • Regional Level Verification 

All educational documents to obtain HRD attestation needs certification from the university that issued the certificates. It is the basic stage of document certification which is as mandatory as visa verification to move to Dubai. 

  • HRD Attestation

HRD attestation is the second step of educational documents attestation in Dubai for Indian certificates to confirm they are legal and have the authenticity needed to use them abroad. This state-level verification of educational documents is necessary to ascertain their legitimacy to enroll in the university or lock a job in Dubai. 

Is HRD Attestation Mandatory?

When a person lives in a foreign country for a variety of purposes, such as higher education, employment, or business, he needs some documents to fulfill any of these tasks. 

Educational certificate attestation is one of the requirements to procure higher education or obtain a job in Dubai. HRD attestation is a part of embassy attestation to apply for a student visa, work visa, and employment visa for or from Dubai.

Why is the HRD Attestation Required?

HRD attestation is a prerequisite that makes your educational certificates legal to take part in the other attestation processes. Being an expat in Dubai, you need to prove the authenticity of your educational document, which is evidence of your academic background. HRD attestation stamp on your degree certificate, diploma, or other academic document defines its legitimacy. 

What is the Cost of HRD Attestation in Dubai?

The cost for obtaining attestation for educational documents from the HRD department in Dubai depends on the extremity of your requirement, the role of the state, and the university issued the certificate. 

What Amount of Time will be Required to Obtain HRD Attestation in Dubai?

The period of attestation from the HRD departments varies on various factors, such as the type of educational document, the state HRD, and the regional level verification done by the university. Generally, the HRD attestation procedure takes ten to fifteen working days. The previously described factors can influence the overall time of HRD attestation. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing SEPL for HRD Attestation in Dubai?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has certified SEPL Group to process your attestation applications in Dubai. We gained the expertise in providing the best Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai that you can rely on for the attestation of your documents. Let us confirm the benefits of taking services from SEPL. 

  • We render authentic and certified fast verification services for your documents. 
  • We have been working for more than half a decade and established our agencies at different locations in the UAE. 
  • We even offer attestation facilities for all kinds of foreign documents.
  • We have an expert team susceptible and persistent in fulfilling the urgent needs of the clients and providing the best assistance.
  • We provide quality language translation services and help customers get attestation on their documents. 
  • We are tech-sufficient to keep things crystal clear for our customers. We have a document track service for you to track your educational certificate attestation process. 

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