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Uk Certificate Attestation

SEPL Document Clearing LLC offers exquisite UK certificate Attestation services in Dubai. You get a UK public certificate ‘legalized’ by asking the UK government to confirm that a UK public official’s signature, seal or stamp on the certificate is genuine. We provide all the UK certificate attestation and UK degree attestation services mentioned below and therefore serve as a one stop destination for your document processing.

Uk Degree Attestation For Dubai, UAE Procedure

All certificates requiring Attestation for Dubai and presented to the UAE Embassy’s Consulate Section for Legalization must first be authenticated by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) or other relevant local authority. There are two procedures for UK certificate attestation to choose from; the first procedure is to get the certificate attested by the British Council in Dubai, and then return to UK for further verification. The second is to start the process in the UK only, through Notary Public.

  • Step One: British Council in Dubai or Notary Public in UK

    The British Council in Dubai only stamps and verifies certificates issued by UK recognized institutes. To begin the UK certificate Attestation process, the applicant has to visit the British Council in person with the original certificate and one copy. If you want to Begin with Notary Public then you have to send the documents to UK by courier and get a Notary Public Attestation. Legally binding documents should be original and signed in the presence of a Notary Public prior to the attestation.

  • Step Two: The Legalization Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO-UK)

    Once you have the stamp or signature from either the British Council or Notary Public, it then has to be Attested and legalized by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO-UK) in Milton Keynes, UK. Certificates from British Overseas Territories will call for Attestation by the Government of the territory of Britain prior to submission to the FCO for Legalization.

  • Step Three: Legalization by UAE Embassy, London

    After the Legalization office attests your documents, you will require your documents to be collected and transferred to the UAE Embassy by courier. It must go to the UAE Embassy in London as the FCO-UK signature needs to be attested also. This is the final stage of Attestation procedure in Uk. The rest procedure will be undertaken in Dubai, UAE.

  • Step Four: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE

    Once the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), UK signature is attested at the UAE Embassy in London, the Documents than are taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of UAE for Attestation. With MOFA attestation, the UK certificate attestation process is completed.

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