What is Equivalency Certificate & Why is it Required?

An Equivalence certificate from the Ministry of Education in the UAE confirms that the educational qualification you received outside from UAE is equal to the UAE education standard.

What is Equivalency Certificate?

Equivalency certificate in UAE for Indian degrees is mandatory when you are planning to get admission to a university in the UAE. The certificate of equivalency is provided by the UAE Ministry of Education, which confirms an Indian degree meets the education criteria of the UAE and international academic standards. 

Every country has its educational standards. So when a foreigner comes to study or work in Dubai, he has to get the equivalency certificate for his educational documents that prove the education received by the applicants in his own country matches the education criteria of Dubai. This certificate of equivalency for the diploma proves that you are qualified to study and work in Dubai.

What is the Purpose of Equivalency Certificate?

Every ex-pat in a foreign country needs certain documents for education or work in the UAE. A bonafide certificate, equivalency certificate, etc, are some of those records you need to prove that you were a student or employee of a particular school/university or office and your education matches the educational standards of UAE. Does every worker in the UAE need to get an equivalency certificate?

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Whoever has received the following educational documents from outside Dubai must take a certificate of equivalency from the Ministry of Education in the UAE. 

  •  High school diploma 
  • Bachelor degree 
  • Master degree 
  • Doctorate
  • Online learning certificate

Who Needs Equivalency Certificate in UAE?

An equivalency certificate is mandatory for the following niches. 


A high school equivalency certificate is mandatory for studying abroad in the UAE. 

Professors, Faculty Members, and Teachers

All teaching and university faculty for a job abroad need their highest qualification certificate equivalency.  


Foreign engineers in various engineering departments can register for a Society of Engineering card (SOE) only when they get a certificate of equivalence for their engineering degrees.

Note – Engineers must register for a Society of Engineering card (SOE) by Dubai Municipality to work in Dubai. 

For UAE Golden Visa

Any expat applying for a UAE golden visa must have an equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education. 

Government Employees in UAE 

The workers of government offices in the UAE should get an equivalency certificate according to the government commodity they work for and the nature of their job. If they work in a technical field, they must use that certificate in UAE. 

Medical Staff (Doctors and Nurses)

An equivalency certificate is mandatory for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to apply for a medical licence from the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DOH), or the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). 

How to Apply for an Equivalency Certificate in UAE for Indian Degrees?

The following are the steps to apply for a certificate of equivalence for studying abroad, engineers for a job abroad, doctors, teachers, and job seekers in Dubai.  

Step 1 – Attestation of Degree Certificate 

Whatever field you belong to, you have to attest to your degree in that field to prove that your degree is genuine. Attestation is mandatory for foreigners in Dubai to confirm their legal documents, like a college degree, school certificate, etc, are original. 

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Step 2 – Get a Genuineness Letter

This letter confirms that the university or school you have received education in is genuine. The UAE consulate or embassy of the country you have completed your education will provide a genuineness letter. 

However, the countries MOFAIC communicates with will validate your educational certificates without a genuineness letter. 

Step 3 – Get an ICA Report

An ICA report is a travel report issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) that shows your immigration records and travel history. 

Step 4 – Get an Equivalency Certificate From the Ministry of Education in the UAE. 

Once you have all the necessary certificates, you can apply for a certificate of equivalence for your degree through the MOE website.

Who Attest Educational Documents for Certificate of Equivalency in the UAE?

The following are the authorities that attest to your documents, so you can study abroad or apply for a job abroad. 

  • Legal Translation copy of your education certificate (if required)
  • HRD attestation on your degree certificate 
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) attestation on your degree
  • Embassy attestation on your educational document 
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA attestation on a degree 

Submit your attested document and other supporting documents to the Ministry of education in the UAE to get an equivalency certificate. 

What are the Documents Required for an Equivalency Certificate?

  • Original certificate(s) along with transcripts
  • Passport copy
  • UAE Visa copy
  • Declaration form
  • Power of Attorney (if required)

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How Long Does It Take To Get an Equivalence Certificate in the UAE?

A certificate of equivalence for a degree involves various steps, so the time is taken based on each country. 

What is the Fee for an Equivalence Certificate?

The following are the total cost of getting a certificate of equivalence certificate in Dubai:- 

  • High School – Dh50
  • Bachelor’s degree equivalency – Dh100
  • Master’s degree equivalency – Dh150
  • Ph.D. degree equivalency – Dh200

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