What is KHDA & KHDA Attestation & Why is it Required?

Why is Dubai the best? The number of immigrant students in Dubai is high because the education system has a better and more systematic system than in other countries. KHDA attestation is necessary on your educational documents issued by the KHDA non-licensed private schools, universities, or other institutes. 

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One of the successful policies of Dubai is that they make sure that their infrastructure, localities, or education system should be number one in the world or is the most unique.

The private education system in Dubai educates students as per the three most popular curricula: the National Curriculum of England, the IB curriculum, and the Indian CBSE curriculum. The KHDA department is a strong pillar of the performance of the private education system in Dubai.

The KHDA department, since 2006, has been maintaining the international standards and best practices in the education and human resource sectors in the emirates.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the director of the KHDA system that provides private education facilities such as early childhood educational centres, schools, higher education providers, and training institutes.

This blog features detailed information about the KHDA department, services, KHDA Attestation, and why it is required. 

What is KHDA & What Does It Do?

KHDA is the abbreviation for The Knowledge and Human Development Authority. KHDA is a department in Dubai that takes care of the private education and learning system in Dubai. 

This department in Dubai manages the private sector education system necessary for the growth, direction, and quality of education and learning of foreign as well as citizens of the emirate. 

KHDA takes care of the growth and quality of private education in Dubai to support parents, students, schools, universities, educators, investors, and government partners. This department plays a crucial role in creating a high-quality education system that solely focuses on the happiness and well-being of students, parents, teachers, schools, and the country. 

Services Provided by KHDA 

KHDA works to create a quality education system so that you, being a parent, feel safe spending money on your child’s education. Besides this, KHDA always maintains an educational environment for parents, students, and education providers to build a strong link and collaborate to improve education and learning systems in Dubai. 

Here are the services under the KHDA umbrella for parents, students, educators, education providers, lifelong learners, and researchers. 

KHDA Services for Parents

In today’s time, it is easy to enrol your child in a school, university, or institute according to his skills, nature, and interest. As a parent in Dubai, you can enjoy the below-described services provided by the KHDA department that will help you decide which school is the best for your child within your budget.

  • Apply for School Certificate Attestation
  • Get a School Academic History Certificate (Through DubaiNow App)
  • Enquire about the Reward system to honour top high school students in Dubai
  • Sign-in Parent-School Contract
  • Sign-in Parent-Early Childhood Centre Contract
  • Check Schools Fees Fact Sheet
  • Check the school calendar
  • Compare schools for child admission 

KHDA Services for Students in Dubai

KHDA works to provide quality education to the citizens of Dubai and foreigners who show interest in the Dubai education system to live their study abroad dream. 

Here are the facilities and assistance for all the students in Dubai provided by KHDA to have access to high-quality education. 

  • Choose and enrol in a university or college
  • Education policy framework 
  • Inclusive education guidance 
  • Tamkeen project for students 
  • Inclusive employment for students 
  • Resolve queries related to universities in Dubai 
  • Share information about high education classification (HEC)
  • Provide School certificate attestation 
  • Give school academic history certificate 

Services for Educators in Dubai

KHDA helps educators in Dubai to create a more flexible, budget-friendly, and tech-friendly education system. Besides this, the department also assists educators with the following facilities and benefits. 

  • Help educators in job change 
  • Give guidance on principal appointments for private schools 
  • Share details related to the requirements for teacher appointments in the private schools in Dubai 

KHDA Services for Education Providers in Dubai 

KHDA, along with parents, students, and educators, guides and assists education providers, such as public educational institutions, non-educational public bodies, etc. Education providers reach KHDA in Dubai for the following benefits & services.

  • Guidance on completing permits
  • Read the Schools Fees Fact Sheet 
  • Apply for teacher appointments in private schools
  • Help to open or extend an early childhood centre 

KHDA Services for Education Researchers in Dubai

Educational researchers study the particular aspects of education and highlight the changes required and issues within the education field to make the education path easy, effective, and affordable, from preschool to college. KHDA helps the researchers in the following ways so they can research comfortably with less hassle. 

  • Provide data about education in Dubai
  • Help to find publications
  • Introduce Dubai Student Wellbeing Census Results
  • Give information about Dubai Adults@School Wellbeing Survey Results

What Else Does Khda Do?

KHDA is a department in Dubai to verify and give ranking to the schools according to their education system, school maintenance, testimonials, etc., with an overall 5-level ranking: Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, and Weak. Schools in Dubai improve their offering, fee structure, education system, environment, etc., according to their KHDA rankings. 

Besides these services, KHDA attests to your educational documents with an equivalency certificate mandatory for higher education in the UAE. 

Does a Student in Dubai Have to be Registered in KHDA?

All students in Dubai, whether they are nationals of the UAE or foreign citizens, must fill out a KHDA registration form to study in Dubai. KHDA Attestation is necessary so that the government keeps students’ records and helps them to get a quality education.

What are the Required Documents for KHDA Registration? 

Here are the documents you need as a parent or student to apply for a KHDA registration. 

  • Your original emirates ID 
  • Your valid passport 
  • Your valid visa copy 

What is KHDA Attestation?

KHDA attestation is placed on the educational documents issued by the school, university, or any other educational institute not licensed by KHDA. 

KHDA Attestation for educational documents is as crucial as getting an equivalency certificate to study in the UAE. It’s required to use your documents in any company and university for employment and education in the UAE.

Before KHDA Attestation, foreigners’ educational documents are attested by the state government department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of their native country and UAE embassy, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mofa). 

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What is the Use of a KHDA Attestation?

KHDA attestation is vital to apply for the equivalency certificate in the UAE. The KHDA UAE is the first authority to verify and attest to the UAE-issued or foreign nationals’ educational documents to get an equivalency certificate for higher education in the UAE.

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Who can Apply for KHDA Attestation?

As per the services provided by KHDA, parents, students, educators, education providers, researchers, and lifelong learners are eligible to register for KHDA Attestation and facilities. 

Where to Apply to Get a KHDA Attestation Online in Dubai?

  1. Register yourself as a student, parent, or school at KHDA online portal to avail their services. 
  2. Create your KHDA account and fill out the form for a KHDA Attestation. 
  3. Upload the required documents and pay online. 
  4. You may get your KHDA certificate via mail, or you can download it from the same website. 


We hope this information may turn out to be helpful for you. For document attestation services in Dubai, you can contact the MOFA-authorised agency, SEPL Document Clearing LLC.

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