Details to Check on Police Clearance Certificate Dubai UAE!

Do you want a Police Clearance Certificate for Dubai, UAE? Not sure why? Don’t worry! A lot of people are not aware of the Police Clearance Certificate. However, it is not an essential document until and unless you want to migrate to another country for employment purposes. So, if you are planning on moving to UAE for better job opportunities and amenities, you need to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate.

What is Police Clearance Certificate?

First of all, you must know what a Police Clearance Certificate is. It is a legal document provided to Indian Passport holders who want to migrate to another country for employment or a long-term visa. It is provided by the Government Agency or the Police Department to confirm that the individual has no criminal records. People who are visiting another country for tourism purposes do not require Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

Why is Need Police Clearance Certificate Dubai UAE? Know Here!

Police Clearance Certificate needed to clarify that you have no criminal records and have never been indulged in illegal activity. Here are the reasons why you need PCC:

  1. If migrating to Dubai UAE for employment purposes
  2. If moving to Dubai on a long-term visa
  3. Want to sponsor dependant family member in UAE

How to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate?

The next question that comes around is How to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate? The PCC is a legal document that is provided by Government agencies. However, the application process is simple and quick. To apply for PCC, you can visit Passport Seva’s online website and apply for the certificate online without any hassle.

  1. First, register through the Passport Seva Online Portal.
  2. Then, log in through the generated 
  3. After that, click on the “Apply for Police Clearance Certificate” link.
  4. Now, fill in all the required details and submit the PCC form.
  5. After that, click on “Pay and Schedule Appointment” to book your appointment.
  6. Then, take out a print of the Application receipt which contains Application Reference Number (ARN)/Appointment Number.
  7. In the last, visit Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)/Regional Passport Office (RPO) along with the original documents.
Document Requirements for Police Clearance Certificate

Here are the documents needed to get a Police clearance certificate in Dubai UAE:

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • CENOMAR or Bachelorhood Certificate (if bachelor)
  • Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Evidence of financial support
  • Photographs
What is the Procedure of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Attestation?

To legalize the usage of PCC in Dubai, you need to get it attested by the concerned authorities and UAE Embassy in India. Within the process, the Police Certificate will first get Home Department Attestation and MEA attestation. After that, UAE Embassy legalizes the document by procuring an Attestation stamp.

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