Apostille Attestation Certificate Services

Apostille is a way of attesting the documents so that they become acceptable by all the nations of Hague Convention 1961. These documents are further divided into three categories i.e. commercial documents, educational documents, non-educational documents.

Categories of documents

Commercial documents include Packaging list, Power of Attorney, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of incorporation, Chemical analysis report, Physical analysis report.


Educational documents comprise of Degree Certificate Apostille, PG Degree Certificate, BE Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Nursing Certificate, SSC Certificate, HSC Certificate, Inter Certificate, MBBS Certificate, Dentists Certificate, Engineering Certificate, Transcript Certificate, Nursing Certificate, Pharmacy Certificate, MS Certificate, MD Certificate, Mark Sheets.


Marriage Certificate Apostille, Birth Certificate Apostille, Leaving Certificate, Police Clearance, Registration Certificate, Power of Attorney, Bona-fide Certificate, Medical Certificate comes under the category of non-educational documents.


Apostille in India

As India comes under Hague convention 1961 that ended the legalization of foreign public documents, the apostilled documents get accepted by all other nations of Hague Convention. The Ministry of External Affairs has the sole authority to do attestation of documents in India.

MEA issues a square-shaped computer-generated sticker and is called Apostille stamp. This stamp is pasted on the back of the document. The stamp consists of an identification number through which any country of Hague convention can authenticate the document online. This feature of the stamp makes it unique. This Apostille work was started by the Indian Govt. from March 1, 2012. Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is in the list of companies that collect and deliver documents on behalf of MEA.

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Apostille in Dubai

Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a govt. the outsourced company that get your documents apostille in Dubai. The countries for which we provide an attestation for the documents include USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Italy, France, Egypt, Seychelles, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. For the convenience of our customers, we provide collection and delivery services of the documents as well. You can also track your documents on our website that is 100% safe and secure.

Translation of documents

SEPL is counted among the leading companies that also provide translation service to our customers in Dubai at reasonable prices. Our well-experienced team of translators assure you to translate your documents with 100% accuracy and error-free. Various languages that we provide to translate in include English, Korean, Chinese, German, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Dutch. Our dedicated team is round the clock ready to assist for your queries and inconveniences.