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Degree Certificate Attestation

SEPL provides apostille services for, birth, degree, marriage & more certificates in Dubai, UAE. It is required for visa purposes.

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Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree certificate attestation confirms the legitimacy of an education certificate by getting an attestation stamp from the respective authorities. Moreover, the entire attestation may vary depending on the candidate's home country. The whole procedure is a bit longer and lengthy; therefore, using a genuine and professional attestation agency is the best way to get smooth and efficient services for degree certificate attestation in UAE.

Therefore, SEPL Document Clearing LLC is here with all the genuine and quality services for degree certificate attestation in Dubai. We provide quick, reliable, accurate, hassle-free, and affordable services. We have a professional team who have expertise in their work. Plus, we also ensure to offer safe and secure services. We always keep all the documents and data confidential.

Purpose of Using Degree Certificate Attestation

There could be various reasons behind using the degree certificate attestation. A few of them are highlighted below.

  • To get the employment visa
  • To get a family residence visa
  • To get higher education
  • To get admission to a school
  • The removal of the LLC partnership

The process to Complete Degree Certificate Attestation UAE

The entire degree certificate attestation UAE procedure is a lengthy procedure. The procedure includes attestation from the Notary Public, the State Education Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the embassy.

SEPL Document Clearing LLC professional team can quickly complete the entire procedure on the candidate's behalf. Moreover, the below-highlighted guide will help the candidate understand the entire certificate attestation procedure.

  • Notary Attestation: In the first step, the degree certificate is authenticated by the notary public in the applicant's home country, where the notary public procures its attestation stamp on the certificate.
  • State HRD or Relevant Authority Attestation: As a degree certificate is an educational document therefore, in the second step, it is required to be legitimized by the State HRD or the relevant authority in the candidate's home country.
  • MOFA or MEA Attestation: In the third step, once the State HRD completes the attestation, it is shared with the MEA or MOFA. Then, the certificate is attested by the MEA or MOFA in the candidate's home country.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation: Furthermore, the degree certificate is required to be attested by the UAE embassy in the candidate's home country. The embassy confirms the validity of the documents with its attestation stamp.
  • MOFA Attestation in Dubai: Lastly, the MOFA in Dubai attests the document with its attestation stamp. Doing so will approve the legitimacy and ensure that the document is officially binding in the UAE.

Degree Certificate Attestation in Different Locations in the UAE

Apart from which state or city in UAE the applicant lives in, they are free to use the document attestation services as applicable on SEPL Document Clearing LLC, as we provide services in different parts of the nation.

But before that, the applicant must be clear that they must submit their original documents to the team, as no fake document will be accepted. Here is the list of the states where we offer services for degree certificate attestation in UAE.

  • Degree Certificate Attestation Abu Dhabi
  • Degree Certificate Attestation Bur Dubai
  • Degree Certificate Attestation Sharjah
  • Degree Certificate Attestation Ajman
  • Degree Certificate Attestation Fujairah

Reasons to Choose SEPL Document Clearing Services

  • Fast and Reliable Services: Document attestation is a longer procedure; therefore, a bit of a time-consuming procedure. But we offer fast and reliable service that helps the applicant get their document attested on time.
  • Certified and Genuine: Using certified and genuine is mandatory to complete the attestation procedure conveniently. And with SEPL Document Clearing, the applicant can quickly get any of their documents attested.
  • Quality Assurance: To avoid any inconvenience, the candidate must use our attestation services as we provide high-quality services.
  • Document Collection & Delivery Services: SEPL Document Clearing also offers document collection and delivery services, which means the candidate does need to visit anywhere to submit their certificate, else they can submit it by using an online medium. Degree.
  • Experienced Professional Translators: Applicants can use high-quality and professional translation services to translate their documents into any language whenever required.
  • Responsive Customer Services: We have an active and responsive customer support team that provides 24*7 assistance to all needy applicants. The SEPL team always offers you all the required and necessary support.

Ways to Contact SEPL Document Clearing LLC

Candidates who are genuinely looking forward to using the SEPL Document Clearing services and want to know more information about the degree certificate attestation in Dubai can use any of the below-highlighted mediums:

  • The first option is to visit the official SEPL Document Clearing LLC website, fill out the form completely, and submit it on the portal as available on the official website.
  • Or, applicants can directly get in touch with the team and get all related details on WhatsApp/call- +971-502447519
  • Moreover, they are free to mail at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can utilize the birth certificate attestation UAE services?

A: Suppose the applicant is living in UAE and looking for document attestation services; then, they can use the SEPL Document Clearing services. However, the candidate needs to lie in any of the below-listed categories to use such a service in Dubai.

  • Residents
  • Companies
  • Investors
  • Students
  • Tourists

Q: What are the essential document requirements for the birth certificate attestation procedure in Dubai?

It is mandatory to fulfill the basic document requirements to initiate and complete the birth certificate attestation procedure.

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy

Q: How much time does it take to complete the birth certificate attestation in Dubai?

Birth certificate attestation is a longer process and therefore takes more time to complete. Moreover, the processing time depends on different factors, such as country to country. However, if the candidate is using the SEPL Document Clearing LLC certificate attestation services in Dubai, they will undoubtedly receive their attested certificates fast and hassle-free.

Q: Is What is the cost of birth certificate attestation in the UAE?

The attestation charges vary depending on the state or the place from where the document is issued, etc. Furthermore, in order to get affordable degree certificate attestation services in Dubai, candidates can use the SEPL Document Clearing services.

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