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USA Document Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE


USA Certificate Attestation

SEPL Document Clearing LLC is a premium service provider of USA Attestation and USA embassy attestation Services through United Arab Emirates. If the document is for use in the United Arab Emirates, one must complete the 'chain authentication process ‘which means that number of authorities will attach a succession of seals and stamps to your document ending with the seal of the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE. The procedure for USA document attestation for Dubai, UAE is given below.


  • STEP 1: Get hold of your Document and complete the Primary Certification

    • Educational Certificates originated by any Academic or Educational Institutions should be original ones and must be obtained from the Educational institutions themselves. All most all the Institutes in U.S.A have their Notaries Public to provide authentic copies of degree certificate. Hence, to begin the USA degree attestation for Dubai, UAE process, the certificates must be attested by the State’s Secretary of State.
    • Certificates/Documents issued by a U.S.A state: State certificates are those which are issued by the state department like birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates, etc. They should be attested by the particular state’s Secretary of State
    • Notarized Certificates: The process for Attesting the certificates or documents by a Notary such as affidavits or acknowledgments differs from state to state in U.S.A. It is advisable to make contact with the state authentication authority to find out what procedures are essential among the notary seal and the state level authentication.
    • Certificates/Documents issued by federal courts: Certificates originated under the stamp and seal of a federal court then it doesn’t require State Level Authentication.
  • STEP 2: Attestation by the U.S. Department of State Authentications Office

    Once the procedure of state level Attestation is complete, the certificates / documents are required to be attested by the U.S Department of State Authentication. Documents to be taken care of during the Attestation from U.S Department of State Authentication office-

    • All the certificates that are in any foreign language must be accompanied with a notarized English translation.
    • Please submit DS-4194 form with all of your requirements of attestation. In Section 4 of the DS-4194, the Country where the certificate has to be used must be specified.
    • Online, editable form DS-4194
    • Printable, PDF file DS-4194
  • STEP 3: Attestation by the UAE embassy in USA

    • You must then submit your Documents to the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC for the final Attestation process in U.S.A. The next procedure will take place in U.A.E.
  • STEP 4: Attestation by MOFA in Dubai, UAE

    • Now that all your documentation and attestation is over in U.S.A, you have to take the final call of Attestation in Dubai by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
SEPL Document Clearing LLC assists in all the above mentioned USA Attestation services. Contact us for premium services.

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