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Everything You Should Know About Certified True Copy

Do you require a Certified True copy along with other supporting documents? Not sure what is it? Don't fret! Many people are not aware of the True Copy certification. So, if you are asked to provide a Certified True Copy, grab some knowledge of it from below. Here we have provided the complete guide on Certified True Copy Attestation through which you can easily understand its requirement.

What is Certified True Copy Attestation?

A Certified True Copy is a document copy verified and certified by the Notary Public as the genuine copy of an original document. It can be required for various documents to confirm that the replica of the certificate is valid and legal. However, it is needed when you don't want to leave your original documents to authorities. Passport and identification documents are the common documents that need Certified True Copy.

Notary Public Attestation

The True Copy documents are needed to get Notary Public Attestation. A Certified True Copy is signed and stamped by the Notary Public after verifying the document. Once the Notary procures the stamp and signs, the photocopy will be marked as the "Certified True Copy of the original document."

In UAE, Lawyers and solicitors attest and witness the True Copy with their signs and seals. Then you can use the Certified True Copy as the original document.

What documents are needed to be certified as True Copy?

Certified True Copy Attestation is required for some documents only. It is not necessary until and unless an Embassy or authority asks for it. However, some documents, such as a Passport, identity documents issued by government authorities, like Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate, or the power of attorney certificate intended to use in another country for visas and other purposes. These documents are required to provide their Certified True Copy.

How Can We Help You With Certified True Copy Attestation?

To get your copy document certified and attested, you need to need to submit your documents to the regional Notary public. However, it can be hectic to get your document legalized by the authorities. So, to lessen your burden, we get your document legalized from all the respective officials at your convenience. Whether you want a Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate, Passport, Power of attorney, or other documents, we provide top-quality services and end-to-end support for various sorts of the certificate.

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