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German Document Attestation in Dubai

germany translationSEPL Document Clearing LLC is an expert service provider of Germany Document Attestation services in Dubai. Whether you are planning to get a job, study, or build a business in Dubai, certain documents need to be attested to show the genuinity of an individual visiting Dubai. We provide professional attestation services providers in Dubai for all personal, educational, and commercial documents.


The United Arab Emirates is not a member of the Hague Convention and therefore, the certificates have to be attested instead of the Apostille process for German Documents. Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Diploma and Degree Certificates, etc. are some common documents that require attestation.

Steps for German document attestation for use in Dubai, UAE

  1. The document will be legalized by the Ministry of Federal State (personal) /Ministry of Culture and Science (educational) in Germany.
  2. Then, the local district court in the area will attest the documents.
  3. The document will be translated from German to English/Arabic.
  4. Next, the document will be legalized by the UAE Embassy in Berlin.
  5. The documents will be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the documents required for certificate attestation?

A: A person’s Original certificate that needs attestation and one photocopy of the passport is required. In case, the person does not have a photocopy of the passport or is under process, then a photocopy of the valid government ID is required.

Q: Where is the UAE Embassy located in Germany?

  • A: The UAE Embassy in Germany is located in Berlin and the address is -
    • Hiroshimastraße 18,
    • 10785 Berlin,
    • Germany

Q: I am in the medical sector and want to work at one of the hospitals in the Dubai. What is the procedure to get my medical certificate attested?

    1. Legal attestation by the concerned University and the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs in Germany.
    2. Certificate Attestation by UAE Embassy in Germany
    3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in UAE

Q: What is the procedure of attesting commercial documents?

A: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany legalizes the documents and then they are attested by the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The original signature & seal of the company and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany is required. Further, these documents are legalized by the UAE Embassy in Berlin and then, attestation is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai, UAE.

Q: What do the original signature on the certificate of origin and the commercial documents mean?

A: It means that the original signature in ink of an authorized person is required on the document. A rubber stamp of signatures is not accepted.

Q: Which authority is responsible for personal documents attestation in Germany?

A: The personal documents like birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, etc. are attested and legalized from the Ministry of Federal State in Germany.

Q: Why is document translation so necessary?

A: When an individual moves or is living in a non-English speaking country like UAE, then translating your documents is a must. It is a part of the immigration procedure which demands your original documents to be translated as it is in English/Arabic.

Q: What are the documents required to get employment in Dubai, UAE?

  • A: Following are the personal documents you need to get attested, to get a job in the Dubai, UAE:
    1. : Marriage Certificate Attestation,
    2. : Birth Certificate Attestation,
    3. : Passport Copies Attestation,
    4. : Police Clearance Certificate (PCC),
    5. : Affidavit Attestation,
    6. : Birth Affidavit Attestation,
    7. : Medical Certificate Attestation,
    8. : Single Status Certificate Attestation,

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