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MEA Certificate Attestation Services

MEA Documents General Attestation


Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., a division of SEPL Document Clearing LLC in India, is directly outsourced by The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India to render services related to MEA Attestation and MEA Apostille on behalf of MEA for the further procedure of Attestation by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). We are authorized agent company to act as a centre to collect, scrutinize and deliver certificates/ documents for Attestation services to the general public of India and all around the world.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the highest authority of India to legalize the Indian Originated documents. To use the documents issued in India in another country, the documents should be attested and authenticated by MEA and then only they can be recognized as valid by the respective consulate or embassy. MEA attest the document for all the countries according to the requirements of the respective country. MEA Attestation is done after the respective relevant state authority has attested a particular document.


  • The process of Attestation of certificates from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of Government of India can be held on all Indian originated documents. The procedure is as follows-
    • Step 1- Authentication of Certificates

      All the certificates requiring Attestation from MEA must first be verified by the designated authorities of the State/Union Territory of India from where the document is issued.

      1. For Educational Certificates, the certificates should first be authenticated by the State Education Department or HRD of the respective State Government/Union Territory.
      2. For Personal Certificates, the certificates are to be pre-authenticated by the State Home Department or General Administration Department of the respective State Government/Union Territory.
      3. For Commercial Certificates, the certificates should first be authenticated by the respective Chambers of Commerce.
  • Step 2- Attestation of Certificates
    • The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) thereafter attests the Certificates on the basis of the signature of the designated authorities of the State Government / Union Territory / Chambers of Commerce.


  • Step 1: Authentication by State Education Department/ Bombay Home Department/ State Home Department/ Sub Division Magistrate (SDM), New Delhi/Chamber of Commerce (Depending upon the nature of the document);
  • Step 2: Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India;
  • Step 3: Legalization from UAE Embassy in India;
  • Step 4: Legalization Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MEA Certificate Attestation?

A: MEA Certificate Attestation is an essential step of legalization required to authorize the usage of documents in another country. The Ministry of External Affairs is a government body appointed to deal with external matters. Therefore, it is necessary to get signs and stamps from the MEA.

Q: Is it necessary to get MEA Attestation for the certificate in UAE?

Yes, it is necessary to obtain an Attestation from all the respective authorities along with MEA and UAE Embassy. Through Attestation, it is confirmed that the issued document is certified and authentic.

Q: How long does it take to obtain MEA Documents Certificate Attestation for Dubai, UAE?

MEA Certificate Attestation for Dubai can take around 5-7 working days. However, it is not fixed. Due to some unexpected reasons, it can take more days than anticipated.

Q: Where can I get my Marriage Certificate Attested by MEA India?

If you want to get your Marriage Certificate attested from MEA while staying in UAE, you can reach out to us. Our corporate branch in India is authentic and authorized by the MEA to provide genuine services. You can submit your marriage certificate to us and get your document legalized from MEA at your convenience.

Q: What is the requirement for MEA Attestation?

To get MEA Attestation, you need to provide the State authority authenticated Original document (Educational, Non-Educational, and Commercial) and a copy of the passport. After that authentication, certificates get an Attestation from the UAE.

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