SEPL Document Clearing LLC is a leading company in offering services for all the countries Birth Certificates Attestation for UAE. Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE is the act of witnessing a birth certificate by official authorized person or Departments with their certified seal and signature. Birth Certificate Attestation is done in various circumstances when a child needs to be taken abroad along with parents to get educated or for any other purpose. Here we understand the importance of birth certificates and we take care of all responsibility and deliver your documents in safe hand with affordable and flexible rate.

The Official authorized department attestation with its seal and signature also confirms that, the particular birth certificate is issued by that mentioned department and Seal and signature on that specified birth certificate is genuine. SEPL attestation group is serving its client of Attestation since many years. Birth certificate attestation is common practice in UAE to obtain residence visa to your baby or child. With Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai services, we offer wide range of certificate attestation services for India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, UAE documents.


Birth certificate should be attested from issued country or state where child birth took place. For using the Birth Certificate in UAE, certificate should be attested from the Home department of the concerned country & corresponding Embassy of the country to which the certificate holder plans to go. SEPL Group can complete all the process as a package for you.

How to get Birth Certificate Attestation processed from India?

As we know Birth Certificate Attestation is to be done in various circumstances where a child has to be taken to foreign Nation with parents to get educated or take admission in school abroad. Our division Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. in India assists us in Indian procedures and we offer following services along with the whole procedure-

  • Sending to documents to India to get Notary Public/Mantralaya/Home Department Attestation
  • Ministry of External Affairs stamp
  • Final MOFA Attestation in UAE that is Ministry of foreign affairs
  • Delivery systems we have which is entirely free of cost at your home or office door upon completion.
  • Birth certificate Attestation without your presence

Procedure of Indian Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE:

Attestation by Home Department/SDM/Mantralaya/+ Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India + Attestation from UAE Embassy in India + Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), UAE;

How to get Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE from, UK, USA Australia, and Canada?

Initially, we have to get original Birth Certificates from where birth took place and then it has to be submitted for particular native country Attestation process. If the certificates are attested for UAE then it has to be attested by UAE Embassy in that country followed by Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, UAE Attestation.

USA & UK Birth Certificates Attestation services
  • Collection of your UK & USA Birth Certificates from your doorstep
  • Sending Birth Certificate to USA or UK- whichever the issuing country is
  • Commonwealth and FCA London Attestation
  • Apostille stamps
  • UAE Embassy Attestation from UK or USA
  • Final Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE
  • Delivery on your Birth Certificate at your address


  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Passport copy of the Child
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Passport copy of Parents
  • Authorization letter


Yes, Birth certificate is an official record of the date and place of a person's birth, usually including the names of the parents. Attestation on Birth Certificate is needed for applying for a Family Visa. Attestation of Birth Certificates from India is required for getting the Visa from Gulf Countries also like UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi, etc.

Birth Certificates can be used in UAE for:
  • To take permanent UAE residence visa for child
  • To get school admission in UAE
  • Other legal purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Birth Certificate Attestation?

A: Birth Certificate Attestation is a legalization and authentication process needed to legalize the usage of the document in another country. Within the process, the concerned authorities procure seals and stamps on the certificates to confirm their authenticity and legitimacy.

Q: How to get your Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE?

To obtain a Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE, first, you need to get authentication from the respective State authorities and MEA. After that, the UAE Embassy in the home country legalizes the document by providing signs and stamps. So, if you want to get your certificates legalized, you need to take stamps and seals from all the concerned authorities.

Q: Where can I get my Birth Certificate attested in Dubai?

If you want to get your Birth Certificate attested in Dubai without any hassle, you can reach out to us. We are one of the leading agencies providing the best and prompt Birth Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai UAE.

Q: Is it necessary to get a Birth Certificate attested for UAE?

A Birth Certificate is one of the essential non-educational documents. However, it contains necessary details, like name, date of birth, place, and other personal information. Therefore, if you require to use your Indian-issued Birth Certificate in UAE, you need to obtain an Attestation on the Birth Certificate.

Q: Who attests Birth Certificates in India?

Birth Certificates are first authenticated by the State Home Department. After that, MEA and the respective UAE Embassy legalize the document by procuring essential stamps and seals. In the last, documents are legalized by the MOFA UAE to authorize the usage of certificates in another country.

Q: How much time does Birth Certificate Attestation Dubai take?

Birth Certificate Attestation Dubai takes around 08-10 business days to obtain the documents from all the concerned authorities. However, it can take more or fewer days than expected due to some foreseen reasons.

Q: What is the cost of a Birth Certificate Attestation?

The cost of the Birth Certificate Attestation can vary from state to state and country to country. The process of Attestation involves various authentication and legalization steps that are taken by the different authorities. Therefore the prices of the state authority can vary. If you want to know about the exact cost, then you can reach out to us.