Iran Document Attestation in UAE

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All Iran-issued documents intended to use in UAE for visas and other purposes need to get Attestation from the concerned authorities and authorized departments. Iran Certificate Attestation in UAE is a legalization process in which certificates (Educational, Non-Educational, and Commercial) are authenticated and legalized by the dedicated authorities. So, if you expect to utilize your documents in UAE for visas and other purposes, you need to get Iran Document Attestation in UAE from all the dedicated authorities.

Why is Iran Document Attestation in UAE required

Iran Document Attestation in UAE required for the Iranian who wanted to go to UAE for education, job, business, and living purposes. You need to get an Attestation on the essential documents to confirm that the issued document is authentic and genuine. However, here are some of the common reasons why you might need an Iran Document Attestation in UAE:

  • To apply for higher studies in UAE
  • If you want to enroll your child in a UAE school
  • To obtain a Resident visa
  • To get an employment visa.
  • Proof of employment experience
  • To expand your business in UAE

How To Get Iran Document Attestation in UAE?

Iran-originated documents (Educational, Non-Educational, and Commercial) intended to use in UAE get Attestation and legalization from the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that, the concerned certificates get Attestation from UAE Embassy in Tehran, Iran. It is necessary to get all the signs and seals from all the concerned authorities to legalize the usage of documents in the UAE.

However, After UAE Embassy in Tehran, certificates get MOFA Attestation in UAE. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE attests and legalizes the Indian-issued documents in UAE.

How Can SEPL Document Clearing LLC Help You With Iran Certificate Attestation in UAE?

SEPL Document Clearing LLC is one of the leading and premium Attestation services providers in the UAE. We are experienced in providing clients with trusted and top-quality services. Obtaining stamps and seals can be a challenging task. Therefore, we are here to help you with the best and hassle-free services. With our expertise and immense knowledge, you can reliably get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in UAE on your concerned documents. However, the certificates must be pre-attested from the concerned Home Country governmental authorities.