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Pakistan Document Attestation in Dubai,UAE

SEPL Document Clearing LLC is a notable organization for providing attestation services for various purposes like student visa, residence visa or for business purposes. We render services for all educational, commercial, and personal documents that show the genuinity of a person visiting Dubai. We ensure that the certificates provided are genuine and can be permitted in the country.

Pakistan Certificate Attestation Process:

pak process UAE requires certificates that have been issued in Pakistan before they can be given to governmental authorizations. There are various steps needed in the attestation process depending upon the type of document before they are attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

For Education Documents

pak education process
  • Step:1 For Education Documents
    1. Bachelors/ Masters Degree: All the original education certificates issued are verified by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Pakistan before further legalization.

    2. MBBS Certificate: This educational certificate must be verified by the Ministry of National Health Services Regulation & Coordination (MNSRC) in Pakistan.

    3. Matric or other types of Diploma Certificates: Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) should authenticate the document prior to MOFA.

  • Step2: Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan

    Authentication of the degree certificate is required from MOFA in Pakistan prior to getting the signature and stamp from the UAE Embassy.

  • Step3: Attestation by UAE Embassy

    All documents are then verified by a signature and stamp by the UAE Embassy in Pakistan to get the final confirmation before sending it to Dubai.

  • Step4: Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    After all the above steps, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE provides the final legalization on the education documents allowing you to enter the country.

For Non-Educational Documents   (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Affidavit, etc.)

  • Step:1 Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan authenticates the attestation and signature done by government authorities.

  • Step2: Attestation by UAE Embassy, Pakistan

    The next step is to get attestation for your certificate from the Embassy of UAE in Pakistan. NOTE: Individual attestation applications are not entertained by Dubai, so get it done by authorized companies only.

  • Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE

    After attesting your non-educational document from MOFA in Pakistan and the Embassy of UAE, getting document attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE is necessary to enter the country.

pak education process

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are the financial documents attested from UAE Embassy in Pakistan?

A: To get the attestation of financial/commercial documents, the process is as follows -

a: MOFA Pakistan,
b: UAE Embassy Pakistan,
d: Divorce Certificate Attestation, etc.

Q: What are the documents required to get a residence visa in Dubai?

A: To become a residence, personal documents must be attested by MOFA in Pakistan, UAE Embassy Pakistan, and finally by MOFA UAE. The documents required are -

a: Marriage Certificate Attestation,
b: Birth and Death Certificate Attestation,
c: Passport Copies Attestation PCA,
d: Divorce Certificate Attestation,
e: Police Clearance Certificate PCC,
f: Attestation Marriage,
g: Affidavit Attestation,
h: Birth Affidavit Attestation,
i: Medical Certificate Attestation,
j: Single Status Certificate Attestation, etc.

Q: How long does IBCC take to attest to your Matric or Diploma Certificate?

A: This authority usually takes 1 day to complete the attestation process of the Matric or Diploma certificate.

Q: What documents should be attested for Dubai?

A: Dubai certificate attestation is required for all these documents like educational -

a: Educational Certificates (Degree/Diploma/PG/Doctorate),
b: Birth Certificate (For Kids),
c: Marriage Certificate (To get family visa),
d: Experience Certificate.

Q: Where is the UAE Embassy located in Pakistan?

A: The UAE Embassy, Pakistan is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan. They are responsible for attesting the certificates before sending it to the UAE Embassy, UAE.

Q: Is it mandatory to attest to the certificates for a job in Dubai?

A: Yes, it is necessary to get the Original Educational Certificates attested from Pakistan’s concerned education authority, MOFA Pakistan, and UAE Embassy in Pakistan to finally get the MOFA Attestation in UAE.

Q: What is the procedure to attest to the marriage certificate?

A: Original Nikkah Nama (Marriage Certificate) is attested by Pakistan authorities and is sent to MOFA in Pakistan which authenticates the document and further sends it to UAE Embassy in Pakistan for verification. Finally, MOFA in UAE stamps and legalizes the marriage certificate.

Q: How much time is required to attest to a Bachelor's degree certificate?

A: Degree certificates presented to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in person are processed on the same day. However, it takes at least 10 working days if a degree certificate is sent for attestation through an authorized courier company.

Q: What is the minimum salary required to sponsor my wife and children?

A: If a Dubai residing employee wants to sponsor his/her wife and children. He needs to have a minimum salary of Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 with a place to stay.

Q: Do HEC also attest Matric/Diploma Certificate?

A: No, all your Matric/Diploma Certificates are attested by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) in Pakistan.

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