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Family Visa Services in Dubai

Avail of Genuine and Prompt Family Visa Services in Dubai

SEPL Document Clearing LLC offers complete Family Visa services in Dubai. With our genuine and reliable services, you can quickly get endless support and assistance to obtain your Family Visa. The process of obtaining a Family Visa can be hectic and confusing. That's why we provide the best visa services at your convenience. Along with end-to-end visa application assistance, you can also get reliable and quality Attestation services to get your essential document legalized for visas purposes.

Dubai Family Visa is a type of residence visa provided to the family member of the residence visa holders in Dubai. So, if you are looking for genuine and leading Dubai Family Visa Services, you can count on us. SEPL is dedicated to providing the most reliable and prompt documentation and visa process services support. From helpful guidance, documentation process to end-to-end complete visa application process assistance, you can avail of all the genuine services at your convenience.

What is Dubai Family Visa? Why is it required?

Dubai Family Visa is a sort of residence visa through which Dubai residence visa holders can sponsor their family to come and live with them. However, to bring the family along with them, the applicants need to meet the minimum requirements.

So, if you are living in the Dubai on a residence visa and want to sponsor your family, then you can apply for Dubai Family Visa as per the requirements. However, you can also apply through genuine Family Visa Services in Dubai like SEPL Enterprises.

What are the documents required for Family Visa Services in Dubai?

To apply for a Family Visa, you need to provide all the essential documents to meet the required criteria. Whether you want to sponsor your wife, children, or parents, you need to present the following documents as per requirement:

  • Complete and Filled Application Form
  • A valid Passport of both sponsor and dependant
  • Sponsor details and proofs along with a salary certificate.
  • Bank statement of at least three months.
  • Emirates ID card and labour card.
  • Marriage certificate (original and copy, if bringing spouse)
  • Medical check-up from the authorized clinic.
  • A passport-size photo of the dependant
  • Other supporting documents

How To Get Genuine Dubai Family Visa Services?

If you are looking for trusted and reliable Family Visa services in Dubai, you can approach us. SEPL Document Clearing LLC is one of the leading agencies in Dubai rendering on-time and top-notch Attestation and apostille services along with a complete visa application process service. Through us, you can get end-to-end support to obtain your family visa so that you can bring them with you as soon as possible.

What Dubai Family Visa Services Can You Get Here?

With us, you can get all the essential services to obtain your family visa. However, to understand more, here you can check the services you can get by approaching us:

  • Expert consultation on the required Family Visa process
  • Required documentation process
  • Complete documents checklist of Dubai Family Visa
  • End-to-end visa application form filling support
  • Latest Updates & regular follow-up on your process.
  • Other support and assistance required to apply for the visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a family visa in Dubai?

A: To get a family visa in Dubai, you need to fulfil the requirements of the family visa. You can apply for a visa online or seek help from a genuine agency like SEPL Document Clearing LLC. We are here to provide you with the best and cost-effective services to obtain your family visa without any hassle.

Q: Can I work in Dubai with Family Visa?

If you stay in Dubai on a family visa and decide to work there, you need to obtain a work permit. Family Visa doesn't serve as a work visa. Therefore, you can not work in Dubai while staying on Family Visa.

Q: How long is a family visa valid?

The Family Visa Dubai is legitimate till the sponsor's visa is valid. However, the validity of a family visa can be 1, 2, or 3 years. However, it can be renewed at least thirty days before the expiry.

Q: Can I sponsor my brother through a family visa?

No, you can not sponsor family members that do not belong to first-degree relationships. A valid Dubai residence visa holder can only bring their spouse, children, parents, and stepchildren.

Q: Which professions are eligible to apply for Family Visa?

To apply for a family member to the Dubai no such profession is specified. Those who fulfil the requirement of the salary can bring their family member along with them to the Dubai.

Q: Where can I get Visa Services in Dubai?

To get genuine and on-time visa services in Dubai, approach us. SEPL Document Clearing LLC is one of the leading and top agencies providing comprehensive visas services along with translation and other documentation services to get your document legalized.

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