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UAE Embassy Attestation for Indian Documents in Dubai


SEPL Document Clearing LLC is the champion company providing Indian document attestation for UAE in UAE. If you are an Indian citizen living in Dubai and wish to attest your documents, then you can utilize our world class services. SEPL Document Clearing LLC main function is to gather your certificates, verify them and submit it for completing the remaining attestation process. The main advantage of our services is that it is economical and very timely. Superb Enterprises Pvt Ltd, is our corporate head office in New Delhi. We are approved by the UAE Embassy in New Delhi for collecting certificates, checking them and delivering the certificates for UAE attestation .Superb Enterprises Pvt Ltd is approved by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi for providing attestation services. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified and have an excellent customer care service to resolve any difficulty of yours. We also provide excellent GAD/HRD/SDM/Home Department/ Chamber of Commerce attestation. Our other branches are in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Trivandrum, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Lucknow respectively.

We provide Attestation for following types of Indian certificates in UAE

  1. Educational certificates:
    • Degree Certificate , PG Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Nursing Certificate, HSC Certificate, MBBS Certificate, Engineering Certificate (affiliated to UGC), Pharmacy Certificate, B.Ed Certificate, MS Certificate, MD Certificate, B Tech. Certificate, Marksheet, SSC Certificate, Inter Certificate, Provisional certificate respectively.
  2. Personal certificates:
    • Marriage Certificate , Birth Certificate, Leaving Certificate, Police Clearance, Registration Certificate, Power of Attorney Certificate, Marriage Affidavit Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, Medical Certificate, Affidavit, Single status certificate, SLC Certificate, Divorce Certificate respectively.
  3. Commercial certificates:
    • Export Invoice, Packaging list, Power of Attorney, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of incorporation, Chemical analysis report, Physical analysis report, Memorandum of Article and Association, Food product test report, Price List, Analysis Certificate, Product List, GMP Certificate, Manufacturing License, Health Certificate, Registration Certificate, Agreement, Form 26 for Tax, Free Sale Certificate respectively

Indian document attestation procedure in UAE

  • Educational certificate attestation for UAE
    1. Authentication of the certificate from the HRD of the respective state.
    2. Ministry of External Affairs attestation in New Delhi.
    3. UAE Embassy attestation in New Delhi.
    4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in UAE.
  • Personal certificate attestation for UAE
    1. Home Department attestation from the concerned state in India.
    2. MEA attestation in New Delhi.
    3. Attestation from the UAE Embassy in New Delhi.
    4. MOFA attestation in UAE.
  • Commercial certificate attestation for UAE
    1. Chamber of Commerce attestation in India.
    2. MEA attestation.
    3. Attestation from the UAE Embassy in New Delhi.
    4. MOFA Attestation in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I attest to Indian documents in UAE?

A: If you want to get your documents legalized while staying in UAE, you can reach out to us. Here at SEPL Document Clearing LLC, you can get all the essential services to get your document attested from the concerned Indian officials.

Q: What is the Attestation for UAE Price?

A: The Attestation for UAE price can deviate from state to state. As the procedure of Attestation involves various steps taken by different authorities, and it is different for types of documents. Therefore, you may find differences in prices respectively. However, if you want to get your document legalized at the lowest price, you can reach our cost-effective Documents Attestation Services in Dubai.

Q: Can I get MOFA Attestation from India?

A: To get MOFA Attestation from India, you can approach our corporate branch in India. It is authorized by the MEA to provide trusted and reliable services to the public. So, if you wish to get your document legalized by the MOFA in UAE, you can submit your certificates to our Indian branch.

Q: What are the requirements of Indian document attestation for Dubai?

A: Indian document attestation for Dubai is a legalization process needed to legalize the usage of documents in the UAE. However, it can be required for various purposes, like:

  1. to apply for higher studies
  2. employment visa
  3. residence visa
  4. family visa
  5. Business purposes

Q: Where to get UAE Embassy Attestation for Indian Documents?

A: To obtain UAE Embassy Attestation for Indian Documents, you need to get authentication from the concerned State authorities and legalization from the MEA. After that, the UAE Embassy authorize the document by procuring signs and seals. If you wish to obtain your certificates from all the concerned authorities, you can contact SEPL Document Clearing LLC. With us, you can get reliable and prompt Attestation Services in Dubai for India to obtain your documents.

Q: What documents should be attested for UAE?

The Indian documents are categorized into three categories - Educational, Non-Educational, and Commercial. Although, the procedure of Attestation differs as per the type of document. So. if you want to get them legalized, you need to provide the given below documents:

  1. Original certificate (Educational/Non-Educational/Commercial)
  2. A copy of the passport
  3. Other supporting documents

Q: How much time does Document Attestation Services in Dubai take?

The Documents Attestation Services in Dubai time depends on various factors like time taken by the State Department, type of document, and various other things. Therefore, it can take more or less time than expected.

Q: Do I need to get Indian Degree Attestation in Dubai?

A: If you want to pursue higher education or need to apply for an employment visa, you need to provide your attested documents to legalize their usage. Only through Certificate Attestation in Dubai, you can prove that the issued document is authentic and genuine.

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