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French Documents Attestation in Dubai, UAE

SEPL Document Clearing LLC is furnishing French document attestation services in Dubai for the French expats residing in the UAE. Our attestation experts are well-versed with all the steps included in French document attestation and are also very enthusiastic to assist every client. We are specialized in attestation from the France Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE Embassy in France, and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, without making any delay or slip-ups.  

French Document Attestation Process:

  1. Document Translation
    • Foregoing attestation, your French documents will be translated into the English language from an authorized translator. Translation of your French documents is required prior to being used in the UAE.
  2. France Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation
    • Subsequently, your document will be presented before the France Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation. All educational and personal documents must undergo the MOFA attestation. Only the original documents duly translated by an authorized translator are headed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France for attestation.
  3. UAE Embassy Attestation
    • After the MOFA, your documents will be preceded to the UAE Embassy situated in France for attestation. UAE Embassy attestation is required on all the documents prior to their presentation before the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation
    • Ultimately, the documents will be returned back to the Dubai, UAE for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation. The MOFA certifies the documents on the basis of the signature of the designated governmental authorities of the issuing country.

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