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Indian document attestation for Kuwait in Dubai, UAE


SEPL Document Clearing LLC is a renowned service provider of Indian document attestation for Kuwait in Dubai, UAE. If you are an Indian citizen living in Dubai and you wish to get your certificates attested right here in Dubai, then you are welcome to avail the services of SEPL Document Clearing LLC. We are assisting potential applicants in Dubai. For any enquiry or difficulty, we have an excellent customer care service which will provide you with full support. Our main function includes collecting your certificates like degree, birth, etc., verifying them and submitting them for the remainder of the attestation process. You can utilize our HRD/GAD/SDM/Home Department/Chamber of Commerce/Apostille attestation services. We will give you complete assistance for Ministry of External Affairs attestation. Compared to other companies, our service charges are economical. We also have a short processing time, which makes us very attractive to applicants who want attestation within a short time. Superb Enterprises Pvt Ltd, is our corporate office in New Delhi, India. SEPL is also authorized by Kuwait Embassy in India for providing document attestation services. Superb Enterprises Pvt Ltd is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which bears testimony to our high quality services. Apart from Delhi, our branches are in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Trivandrum, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Lucknow and Goa respectively.

Complete Kuwait Embassy attestation procedure:

  • Educational certificate attestation for Kuwait
    1. HRD authentication of the certificate from the concerned Indian state.
    2. Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.
    3. Attestation from the Kuwait Embassy.
  • Non Educational certificate attestation for Kuwait
    1. Home Department/ SDM attestation of the certificate from the concerned state in India.
    2. MEA attestation
    3. Kuwait Embassy attestation
  • Commercial certificate attestation for Kuwait
    1. Chamber of Commerce attestation of the certificate.
    2. MEA attestation
    3. Attestation from the Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is document Attestation for Kuwait?

A: Document Attestation for Kuwait is an authentication and legalization process. It is needed for the documents intended to use in Kuwait for visas and other reasons. Through the Attestation, you can confirm that the issued document is authentic and genuine.

Q: What steps does Kuwait Embassy Attestation Procedure involve?

Kuwait Embassy Attestation Procedure comprises of authentication and legalization of the documents. The concerned State authority authenticates the document. After that, MEA and the respective Kuwait Embassy legalize the document by procuring signs and stamps.

Q: What are the requirements for Document Attestation for Kuwait?

To get Kuwait Embassy Attestation, you need to present official and original documents. So, if you want to get an Attestation from the concerned authorities, you need to provide the given below documents:

  1. Original certificate (Educational/Non-Educational/Commercial)
  2. A copy of passport

Q: What is the purpose of Kuwait Attestation?

The Kuwait Attestation is needed for the Indian-issued documents intended to use in Kuwait for the given below reasons:

  1. for higher studies purposes
  2. Employment visa
  3. Residence visa
  4. To bring a family member to Kuwait
  5. For company registration

Q: How can I get Kuwait Embassy Attestation?

To get a quick and Kuwait Attestation, you can reach out to us. SEPL Document Clearing LLC is one of the leading and authentic agencies. We are dedicated to providing the best convenient and prompt services to get your document legalized by all the authorities.

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