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Indian document attestation for Qatar in Dubai


SEPL Document Clearing LLC, is the leading company undertaking Indian document attestation for Qatar in Dubai. Indian nationals who are presently staying in Dubai and desire to go Qatar for work etc. can utilize our services to obtain attestation of their certificates for acquiring Qatar visa. We have a highly dedicated and professional team with expertise in obtaining attestation of educational, personal and commercial certificates respectively. We provide complete assistance for acquiring the Ministry of External Attestation in New Delhi, as a part of Qatar certificate attestation process. You can also avail our services for HRD/GAD/SDM/Home Department/Chamber of Commerce /Apostille attestation. We will collect your certificates, validate them and process them for further stages of attestation. This is very beneficial for you, since you don't require to physically travel to India to get attestations. We offer affordable, genuine and swift attestation services, since we understand the value of your time and money. Superb Enterprises Pvt Ltd, the Indian headquarters is authorized by the MEA in New Delhi, for providing attestation services. Thereafter, we can undertake attestation from Qatar Embassy in New Delhi. Apart from attestation, we also provide complete translation and Qatar visa services.

Documents required for Qatar embassy attestation in Dubai

  1. Original certificate along with a Xerox copy.
  2. Passport size photos.
  3. Passport photocopy.
  4. Verification letter from the concerned university to be submitted along with the certificate.
  5. Degree certificate must be submitted along with final year mark sheet.
  6. Covering letter of the company.
  7. Original final year mark sheet.

Procedure of Qatar embassy attestation:

  • Educational certificate attestation for Qatar
    1. HRD authentication of the certificate from the respective Indian state.
    2. Attestation from the MEA in New Delhi.
    3. Attestation from the Qatar Embassy in India.
  • Personal certificate attestation for Qatar
    1. Home Department/ SDM attestation of the certificate from the respective Indian state.
    2. MEA attestation in New Delhi.
    3. Qatar Embassy attestation in India.
  • Commercial certificate attestation for Qatar
    1. Chamber of Commerce attestation of the certificate.
    2. MEA attestation in New Delhi.
    3. Attestation from the Qatar Embassy in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Indian Document Attestation for Qatar?

A: Indian Document Attestation for Qatar is an act of witnessing documents from the concerned authorities and authorized persons. If you want to use your Indian-issued documents in Qatar, you need to obtain an Attestation on the Education Document from Dubai.

Q: What are the Documents Required for Attestation for Qatar in Dubai?

To obtain an Attestation for Qatar in Dubai, you need to provide the original and genuine documents as shown below:

  1. Original certificates (Educational/Personal/Commercial)
  2. A copy of Passport

Q: What are the mandatory steps in Qatar Embassy Attestation Procedure?

Qatar Embassy Attestation Procedure involves authentication from the respective state authorities, legalization from MEA and, Qatar Embassy. It is essential to get an Attestation from all the authorities to authorize the usage of the documents.

Q: How can I get Qatar Embassy Attestation?

If you want an Attestation from the respective Qatar Embassy, you need to get your documents to authenticate and legalized by the respective state authority and MEA respectively. To ensure the authenticity and genuineness of the documents, you need to get the Attestation from all the respective authorities.

Where can I get Qatar embassy attestation?

To get Qatar embassy attestation, you can reach us. SEPL Document Clearing LLC is committed and skilled to provide the best and authentic services to get your document legalized.

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