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Saudi Arabia Document Attestation in Dubai, UAE!

Saudi Arabia Document Attestation in Dubai is an act of witnessing the Saudi-issued documents from the dedicated authorized departments and concerned authorities. Within the process, documents are attested and legalized by the respective governmental authorities. An Attestation is required to legalize the usage of Saudi Arabia documents in Dubai. However, through Attestation, you can also prove that the issued document is authentic and valid. So, if you want to utilize the Saudi-originated documents in UAE for any purposes, you must get them legalized through Saudi Arabia Certificate Attestation as per the process.

What is Saudi Arabia Document Attestation in Dubai?

Saudi Arabia and UAE both are not a member of Hague Convention 1961. Therefore, all Saudi Arabia-issued certificates (Educational, Non-Educational, and Commercial) expected to use in UAE need to get Saudi Document Attestation in Dubai. It is an authentication and legalization process in which documents are witnessed and signed by the designated Ministries and departments. Nevertheless, through the Attestation, you can also confirm the authenticity and genuineness of the documents.

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation For Dubai

Attestation from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs is essential for the documents to legalize their international usage. MOFA is a Government subsidiary branch that manages Saudi Arabia and UAE relations and deals with external affairs. So, if you want to use Saudi Arabia-originated documents in UAE or any other country, you might require the Saudi Arabia MOFA Attestation.

Saudi Arabia Document Attestation in Dubai Process

Within the Saudi Arabia Documents Attestation in Dubai Process, the concerned documents (Educational, Non-Educational, and Commercial) get authentication and legalization from the designated authorities and authorized departments. However, the process of Saudi Arabia Document Attestation in Dubai can vary as per the type of documents. Here, you can get an overview of the Certificate Attestation process of Saudi Arabia:

  • First of all, the documents are sent to the dedicated Ministry and authorized departments for authentication.
  • After that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs legalizes the Saudi-issued document.
  • Then, the UAE Embassy in Saudi Arabia attests to the certificate.
  • Final Saudi Arabia Certificate Attestation is done by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the Dubai.

What are the services provided by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides the services for Saudi Document Attestation in Dubai as per the following types:

  1. Educational document authentication
  2. Agencies & Marriage certificate Attestation
  3. Commercial Documents Attestation
  4. Official letter authentication
  5. Personal Status document Attestation.

How Can SEPL Document Clearing LLC Help You With Saudi Arabia Document Attestation in Dubai?

SEPL Document Clearing is one of the leading and professional Attestation service providers in Dubai. We are dedicated to providing top-quality and convenient services to get your documents legalized in Dubai. With us, you can promptly obtain UAE MOFA Attestation without any hassle. However, the documents must be pre-attested as per the process from their home country's governmental authorities. We provide UAE MOFA Attestation services for the pre-attested documents from any country.

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