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Apostille Documents Services Dubai UAE

SEPL provides apostille services for, birth, degree, marriage & more certificates in Dubai, UAE. It is required for visa purposes.

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Apostille Documents Services Dubai UAE

Apostille is a method by which documents are legalized in a particular format so that they get accepted by all the nations of the Hague convention by attesting them. In India, only MEA (The Ministry of External Affairs) has the sole authority to Apostille documents of local people. Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized company that collects and delivers documents on behalf of MEA for further Apostille services Dubai, UAE.

Reasons You Need Apostille Services in Dubai

Certificate apostille is required for multiple purposes like- student visa, residential visa, work visa, family visa or appearing in a business meeting overseas concerning any country that is included in the Apostille Hague Convention.

Moreover, Apostille is required by many nations to get proof regarding the candidates or companies to be confirmed as genuine and authentic.

Types of Documents for Apostille Services in Dubai

SEPL Document Clearing LLC provides Apostille services in Dubai to those who want to visit any Hague Convention country. We offer apostille services for all types of documents, as listed below:

  • Educational Documents
  • Degree Certificate Apostille
  • Marksheet Certificate Apostille
  • Diploma Certificate Apostille
  • Nursing Certificate Apostille
  • Transcript Certificate Apostille
  • Medical Certificate Apostille
  • Personal Documents
  • Marriage Certificate Apostille
  • Birth Certificate Apostille
  • Medical Certificate Apostille
  • Death Certificate Apostille
  • Single Status Certificate Apostille
  • PCC Apostille
  • Commercial Documents
  • Export Invoices Apostille
  • Power of Attorney Apostille
  • Certificate of Origin Apostille
  • Shipping Documents Apostille
  • Transport Documents Apostille
  • Certificate of Incorporation Apostille

Basic Documents Requirements for Apostille Services

  1. The original certificate is required to be apostilled.
  2. Copy of the certificate.
  3. Copy of the passport.

Marriage and Birth Certificate Apostille –

Birth Certificate Apostille

The procedure of getting attained an Apostille stamp sticker on the birth certificate is apostille services Dubai.

The birth certificate includes some crucial details about the candidate, therefore required to be safely apostilled. For which using SEPL Document Clearing apostille services is the best. We collect the document, confirm its originality and forward it to the respective government authority.

Before going for your birth certificate attestation, first of all, it's necessary to understand the situations under which it is required. Following are the possible situations for which the attestation should be done-

  • Travelling abroad for work.
  • Dependent visa (wife or husband).
  • For the admission of your kids to a foreign school.
  • Verification of students' age in foreign Universities or colleges.

Marriage Certificate Apostille

Simply, if the candidate wants to visit abroad with their partner, then the marriage certificate apostille is an important step to be completed. The marriage certificate is legitimized within three simple steps.

The Need for a Marriage Apostille Certificate -
  • Migration purpose
  • To get visas for family members
  • Documents that need to be submitted to the authorized body i.e. The Ministry of External affairs should be original. Birth and marriage certificates are required to Apostille attestation Dubai them respectively. In addition to this, a passport photocopy is required in both cases.
Procedures for marriage and birth certificate Apostille are:

The procedure of getting an Apostille sticker on the marriage & birth certificate in Dubai is easy with SEPL Document Clearing. We provide the fast, reliable, accurate, and hassle-free Apostille services in Dubai for all the needy applicants.

Here are the steps involved in the birth & marriage certificate apostille.

  • Local state Notary – This is the first most step done before any legislature certificate procedure. It is done by acquiring a stamp or signature from the local notary.
  • Home Department Attestation – State Home Department performs the verification for personal documents that include a marriage certificate, death certificate and birth certificate.
  • Apostille certificate – This is the final step in which MEA (The Ministry of current Affairs) of India provides an Apostille stamp with an MEA sticker.
Step 1

Local State Notary

Step 2

Home Department Attestation

Step 3

Apostille Certificate

Degree Certificate Apostille

Apostille of education documents that are related to education accomplishments in your past is said to be educational documents. These types of documents include degree certificate, SSC certificate, transfer certificate, transcript certificate, mark sheet, school leaving certificate, engineering certificate, diploma certificate, nursing certificate etc. Degree related documents are required to be authenticated due to the following reasons:

  • If one wants to go for higher studies in a foreign country.
  • To acquire visas for family members.

Procedure for Getting Degree Apostille Services Dubai

  • Regional level - This initial stage is carried on by a local notary and also universities for the authentication of the degree.
  • State Government - Three different departments perform the authentication for further apostille attestation in Dubai. These are Human Resource Department (HRD), State Home Department (SHD), Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM).
  • Apostille Documents– This is the final step carried MEA which issues an Apostille stamp besides with MEA stamp on the certificate.
Step 1

Regional Level

Step 2

State Government

Step 3

Apostille Documents

Commercial Documents Apostille

The applicant who wants to move to any foreign country to deal with all the business-related work, such as starting a business, work, etc., has to complete the commercial documents apostille procedure by using the SEPL Document Clearing Services in Dubai.

We always focus on providing accurate, smooth, and hassle-free services to all the required applicants. Once the apostille sticker is attested on the document by the Ministry that deals with respective country’s external affairs, we deliver the document to the candidate. Plus, we offer safe and secure services in Dubai.

Here is an example of how we initiate the Apostille process in India. However, the procedure might differ from country to country.

  • Chamber of Commerce - In the initial step of the business document apostille, the document is authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce first.
  • Apostille Documents– In the second or final step, the documents are submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. MEA places its apostille stamp on the document to approve the legitimacy of the document.

Apostille Services in Dubai for Different Countries

SEPL Document Clearing offers fast, reliable, accurate, and affordable apostille services in Dubai for these popular countries as listed below:

How Does SEPL Help You With Apostille Services?

Compared to all the apostille agencies available in Dubai, SEPL Document Clearing is the most trustworthy and safe agency. We offer authentication services for multiple types of certificates like marriage, degree, birth certificate, etc.

Moreover, we only use professional methods to complete the Apostille process. SEPL Document Clearing is an authentic apostille agency that provides quick, reliable, and affordable Apostille services in Dubai.

  • Furthermore, we initiate the entire procedure on the candidate's behalf.
  • We collect the documents from the applicant via online and offline methods and then forward them to the respective government authorities and get the apostille sticker from the Ministry that deals with the external affairs of that country.
  • We make the apostille procedure more convenient and accurate by offering responsive customer support.
  • Moreover, we also provide free pickup and drop services which makes document submission easier for the candidate.
Step 1

Regional Level

Step 2

State Government

Step 3

Apostille Documents

Reasons to Choose SEPL Document Clearing

  • Professional and Experienced Team: We have a professional and extensively experienced team who are in the business since 2008 & have expertise to complete the apostille procedure fastly and accurately in less time.
  • Fast and Trustworthy Services: To get an apostille stamp on the document is a time taking process. However, we are there to complete the procedure fastly and securely.
  • 24*7 Customer Support Service: We focus on providing the best support to the applicant to make their apostille process more convenient by offering 24*7 customer support.
  • Affordable Document Collection and Delivery Services: To make the entire Apostille procedure easier and more convenient in Dubai, we also collect and deliver the Apostille documents via online or offline mode at a very affordable price.
  • Translation Services: Based on the applicant’s destination country’s requirement, the applicant can translate their document into the respective languages. They do not require to go anywhere else as SEPL Document Clearing translation services are the best and most affordable.

Ways to Contact SEPL Document Clearing

In case the candidate is facing any issue or have any doubt while using the SEPL Document Clearing apostille service in Dubai, then they can use the below-listed ways to contact us:

  • Candidates can submit their queries to the SEPL Document Clearing official portal by filling the form on the official website.
  • They can send their mail at
  • Call or Whatsapp Us

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