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Business Setup Service in Dubai


Besides being a tax-free country, UAE keeps attracting more and more Foreign Investors due to its exceptional infrastructure & facilities it offers. Foreign investors can set up several types of companies in UAE from large firms to small business depending upon their business objectives. SEPL Document Clearing LLC helps you to plan your new Business Setup in Dubai and across the UAE and offer you a large range of premium Business Start-up services. Outsource your company registration and company setup services to us as starting a business in Dubai, UAE is a time consuming and complicated task which we make very simple for you.

  • Commercial License services
  • Professional License services
  • Industrial License services
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation
  • Sole Proprietorship formation
  • Private shareholding formation
  • Public Shareholding formation
  • Simple Limited Partnership formation
  • Civil Company formation
  • Partnership Company formation
  • Branch of a Foreign Company formation
  • Representative Office formation
  • Free Zone establishment formation
  • Consulting and services on how to start Online Business

How to start a Business in Dubai or How to start a new business?

In general, a foreign investor can successfully setup business in Dubai mainland (also commonly known as ‘onshore’) or in UAE free trade zones (‘offshore’ business presence). Foreign investors can carry out any economic activity and start up business in UAE only after being registered and licensed by the relevant authorities in the UAE. The three type of License issued by UAE government are-

  • I. Commercial License : The Commercial license is issued for trading activities;
  • II. Industrial License : The Industrial license is issued for manufacturing, Packaging or any other Industrial activity;
  • III. Professional License : The Professional license is issued for Service Providers, Professionals, Consultancy; artisans, craftsmen; sole Proprietors;

Requirement of Business Ownership:

Every company set up in Dubai or elsewhere in UAE is required to have 51% shareholding of UAE nationals. The exceptions to this are:-

  • Company established in Free Zone;
  • Company wholly owned by GCC(Gulf Cooperation Council) that enters into partnership with company wholly owned by UAE nationals;
  • In artisan or professional companies in which total foreign ownership is permitted;
  • In certain activities in which 100% ownership of GCC nationals or entities is permitted;
  • In the case of foreign entity registering a representative or branch office in Dubai;
  • In case where a Professional license is applied for crafts, e.g., architect, doctor, artist and others, the foreign ownership can be 100%. However, a local national must be taken as service agent.

How to start your own Business or How to start a Small Business?

However, owing to certain restrictions, the choices commonly adopted by foreign companies are generally limited to a Limited Liability Company (‘LLC’) or a branch. The other options e.g. partnerships and joint venture etc. are usually not favored by foreign investors.

  • STEP 1: Determine Business activity type. There are more than 2000 business activities available in Dubai which falls into 3 different classes that are 3different Licenses. The License would be issued on your business Activity.
  • STEP 2: To decide who will be your UAE national partner – “Sponsor”. This requires careful consideration of what services would you expect from your Sponsor- (i) Would you like him to assist you in resolving your problems with government procedures; (ii) would you just want his name on your license and nothing else; (iii) how much fees you are prepared to pay him per year. The Sponsor must be paid an annual fee.
  • STEP 3: Get a name and activity approval from Department of Economic Development (DED). This can be applied for and done on the normal form and submitted at DED.
  • STEP 4: Look for business premises and make a tenancy contract. All businesses in Dubai must have business premises evidenced by a tenancy contract in order to get registered.
  • STEP 5: Make a Memorandum of Association with the Sponsor and submit to DED. Any Legal firm can type out the Memorandum of Association which must specify the special arrangements for running the business, ownership percentage among all the partners, and their profit sharing arrangements. This agreement must be notarized in Dubai Court.
  • STEP 6: Submit the MOA and License application at DED. Submit the MOA and duly filled License application along with required legal documents and tenancy contract at Department of Economic Development. All fees and charges must be paid at this stage. (License may be issued in a week’s time if all documents are complete).

What business to start in Dubai?

  1. Limited Liability Company
  2. Sole Proprietorship
  3. Private shareholding
  4. Public Shareholding
  5. Simple Limited Partnership
  6. Civil Company
  7. Partnership Company
  8. Branch of a Foreign Company
  9. Representative Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a foreigner own a Business in Abu Dhabi?

A: Yes, a foreigner can own and set up a business in Abu Dhabi. UAE attracts foreigners to invest in the country as it offers exceptional infrastructure & facilities. So, if you want to start a small or big business in Abu Dhabi, you can know more about Business Setup in Abu Dhabi.

Q: How much does it cost to start a business in Dubai?

A: The fees of Business setup have been cut by 90 percent in UAE. However, the cost of setting up a small or big business can vary. You can reach out to an authorized agency like SEPL Document Clearing LLC to get expert advice and end-to-end support to help you set up your own business in Dubai.

Q: Do I need to apply for a visa to set a business in Dubai?

Yes, you need to apply for UAE Investor Visa to live and work in the country. It is a long-term residence visa and can be extended as per the requirement. So, if you are planning to start or own a business in Dubai, you need to apply for investor visa by fulfilling the requirements.

Q: Is it easy to open a business in Dubai?

Opening and setting up a business in Dubai is one of the simplest and speedy processes with strong incentives. It is easier to own and starts a Low-Cost Business Setup in Dubai than anywhere else in the Middle East and North.

Q: What are the types of Business setup in UAE?

Business Setup in Abu Dhabi is categorized into three main categories:

  1. Mainland Business Set-up
  2. Free Zone Business Set-up
  3. Offshore Business Set-up

Q: Do I require a sponsor to start a business in UAE?

If you want to set up a Business in the UAE mainland, you need a sponsor. Although, the sponsor must be a UAE national. If you are starting a business in free zones, then you don't need a sponsor.

Q: Where to find a genuine and best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai?

If you are looking for the best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, you can reach out to us. We are one of the leading and top-notch consultants in Dubai. You can seek experts help and assistance to set-up your business without any hassle.

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