Seychelles Documents Attestation in UAE

SEPL Document Clearing LLC is a reputed and professional Seychelles document attestation service provider in Dubai, which is assisting UAE based Seychelles expats in proper authentication and attestation of their documents for use in the UAE. We provide impeccable attestation services to our clients as we are completely attuned to the industry needs. We render Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, UAE Embassy attestation, and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation.

Seychelles Document Attestation Process:

  1. Document Translation
    • All the foreign documents being attested for the UAE need to be presented in either English or Arabic language. The UAE authorities will not legalize any foreign document in any other language. Our collaboration with authorized translators in Seychelles and other foreign countries allow us to provide you accurate and highest standard of translation.
  2. Notarization by the Notary Public
    • After translation into English or Arabic, the documents will bear a notary stamp from the Notary Public of Seychelles.
  3. Attestation by the Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Attestation by the Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pre-eminent on all educational and personal documents.
  4. Attestation by the UAE Embassy in Seychelles
    • After being attested by the MOFA, your documents will be further attested by the UAE Embassy in Seychelles. UAE Embassy attestation is paramount on foreign documents for being attested by the UAE MOFA and gaining authenticity in the UAE.
  5. Attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Lastly, all Seychelles originated personal and educational documents will be presented afore the UAE MOFA for attestation. All the concerned documents need to be pre-authenticated by the UAE Embassy for MOFA attestation.