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Embassy Certificate Attestation in Dubai


SEPL Document Clearing LLC provides excellent quality of Educational & Non Educational documents Embassy Certificate Attestation services for all the foreign embassies located in United Arab Emirates. We are eminent in providing Attestation services from Embassies in UAE like India, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, etc. It’s been a decade that people in Dubai are using our complete range of Attestation services in Dubai from UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Middle East.

Our main services is UAE Embassy legalization from different UAE Embassies located around the world and various other services related to UAE Embassy Attestation like Authentication, Verification, Consulate attestation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation in Dubai, etc at cheap and affordable rates. Attestation is a process that proves the document genuine. So process has to be undertaken according to the rules and regulations respective country government. We in Dubai undertake all country Embassy certificate Attestation for UAE without your presence and make your journey trouble-free and affordable.


  Marriage Certificates
  Birth Certificates
  Degree Document
  Diploma Papers
  Death Certificates
  Police Clearance Certificate


  Authentic Attestation
  Trustworthy service
  Affordable, Cheap and Competitive rates in town
  On time delivery


The Government of United Arab Emirates requires all Educational Certificates and Non-Educational Certificates issued from India to be authenticated by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in Dubai for further Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of UAE before granting Dubai Visa. The Consulate General of India in Dubai provides attestation services to Indians and Foreigners. The Indian Embassy/Consulate in Dubai also performs Notary functions like Attestation of certificates/documents executed by Indian citizens in India and UAE. The UAE Government also accepts certificates attested by its Embassy in New Delhi and Consulate in Mumbai provided the certificates were also attested first by the Consular Section of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

The document to be attested must be presented in original with a photocopy and signed before the Consular Officer, who will verify and satisfy himself about the identity of the applicant from his passport. The original passport and a photocopy should also be presented. Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., a division of SEPL Document Clearing LLC is a pioneer in all attestation procedures from various departments like GAD, State Education Department, Notary, and Home ministry, SDM, HRD and various International embassies located in India.


1) Personal Documents:

such as Indian Birth Certificate Attestation, Indian Death Certificate Attestation, Indian Divorce Certificate Attestation, Experience/ Employment Certificate, Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation, Indian Medical Certificate Attestation, etc.

2) Educational Documents:

such as Indian B.E Certificate Attestation, Indian M.E Certificate Attestation, Indian M. Ed Certificate Attestation, Indian B Tech. Certificate Attestation, Indian M. Tech Certificate Attestation, Indian Degree Certificate Attestation, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation?

A: Embassy Certificate Attestation is a legalization process in which concerned authorities and the UAE Embassy authorize the document by procuring the signs and seals. Through Attestation, it is verified that the issued document is authentic and valid. So, if you wish to use the foreign public certificate in UAE, you need to get your document legalized through Embassy Attestation.

Q: How Can I get UAE Embassy Attestation?

UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation Procedure involves authentication and legalization. To get UAE Embassy Attestation, first, you need to obtain signs and seals from the concerned State authority and MEA. After that, the documents get an Attestation stamp from the respective Embassy to legalize the usage of the certificate (Educational, Non-Educational, and commercial).

Q: Can I get my degree certificate attested from the UAE Embassy?

Yes, you can get your degree certificates attested from the UAE. The degree certificates intended to use in UAE for visas, higher studies, or other purposes need to get an Attestation from the UAE Embassy as per the process.

Q: Why is Embassy Certificate Attestation required in Dubai?

It is an authentication and legalization process needed to legalize the usage of certificates in the Dubai. However, the Attestation of documents is required to pursue higher studies, apply for a job, residence visa in Dubai, or other purposes.

Q: How long does Embassy Certificate Attestation take?

The time required for Attestation by the UAE Embassy depends on the time taken by the respective State authorities, type of documents, and various other things. However, the UAE can take 5-7 working days to attest to the certificates.

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